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At Alchimia Grow Shop, marijuana seeds and accessories for cannabis self-cultivation are sold: indoor growing tents, vaporisers, fertilisers and additives for marijuana The largest selection of cannabis seeds from the world's best seedbanks. Enjoy discreet shipping and unlimited grow support with every order. Visit Marijuana Grow Shop for an extensive range of cannabis seeds from the world’s best seedbanks. Quality genetics & unlimited grow support.

Sale of marijuana seeds and growing accessories

Seeds from cannabis seedbanks from Spain, Holland and all over the world. Regular, feminised and autoflowering seeds.


Everything you need for cannabis cultivation, either indoors or outdoors.


Smoker paraphernalia: vaporisers, books, hemp products, microscopes.


CBD Products: oils, creams, extracts, capsules. Everything for your health and wellbeing.

Welcome to Alchimia online shop. Alchimia grow shop specialises in marijuana self-cultivation. Marijuana seeds and growing accessories can be discreetly and comfortably aquired.

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Pure CBG
Pure CBG
Pure CBG
Pure CBG
Gorilla Glue Auto

Featured marijuana seeds

Super Silver Haze

Green House seeds

White Widow fem. Dutch Passion
Sour Diesel
Mango Haze
Big Bud – Sensi Seeds
Purple Punch Auto

Latest marijuana seeds and marijuana growing accessories

Strawbanana x Purple Punch
Kush Mintz x Purple Punch
White Widow x Purple Punch
Alchimia Vintage Royal Blue Marbled T-shirt
Zkit Kandy Dream Auto
VDL Digital Light Meter

From 0 to 200.000 Lux

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The Kush Brothers
Universally Seeded
Hypno Seeds
Bodhi Seeds
Trichome Jungle Seeds
Nomad Seeds
High Speed Buds
Homegrown Natural Wonders

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How to use Canna nutrient charts

Today we are going to talk about the range of products offered by the prestigious Dutch fertiliser brand Canna, during which we will take a look at their complete cultivation tables, adapted for various types, substrates and cultivation techniques.

Methods of consuming cannabis

In this post, we explain the various ways to consume cannabis, either orally (inhaled, ingested and sublingual) or topically (through the skin).
For maximum enjoyment it is very important to correctly follow the steps of germination, cultivation, harvesting, drying and manicuring because, once everything has been done correctly, we are ready to consume it in the way we think is most appropriate.

Ten herbs to mix with cannabis

Cannabis may be the herb of the moment, but the normalisation of its use and alternative wellness culture has given way to a broader herbal renaissance that is bringing a wide variety of plants to consumers’ pipes and papers. Many of them enjoy using cannabis on its own, but can greatly enhance the marijuana experience by adding certain herbs or dried flowers to create their own smoking blend.

Linalool and cannabis, a terpene with a multitude of properties

Found in dozens of plant species, Linalool is a terpene also produced by the cannabis plant and widely used in the cosmetics, cleaning and disinfectant industries. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about this interesting compound, which, as you will see, also has promising therapeutic potential backed up by scientific studies.

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Today we recommend you.

Bubblelicious Auto – Nirvana

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  • 10 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€
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The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. cannabis seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs to countries where the cultivation of cannabis is illegal. All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to incentivize people to engage in illegal activities.

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Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis plants and the simple marijuana seed have evolved hugely over the last 20 years. Indeed, the whole cannabis industry has undergone a metamorphosis that has propelled marijuana to the forefront of popular culture.

Misunderstood and stigmatised, the marijuana user has, for many years, been forced to conceal their usage of the plant. However, thanks to the dawning of new cannabis legality, millions of people across the world are now exercising their marijuana freedoms in growing this magnificent and versatile plant.

As the use of medical cannabis has become legitimised, so too has the demand for a whole new wave of cannabis strains, and with it, a broader range of cannabis seeds. From regular seeds to feminized cannabis, medical cannabis seeds and auto-flowering feminized seeds, the cannabis market, both medical cannabis and recreational, has truly exploded with the entire industry now projected to be worth over $ 66 billion by 2025.

As such, growing cannabis has never been easier. With cannabis legality spreading across North America and Europe, a huge number of people are now turning their hand to grow their own cannabis plants.

Whether you´re an expert botanist, or simply a curious consumer, we have a huge selection of quality cannabis seeds with seeds for beginners, as well as something for the more experienced growers amongst you. Our spectacular library of cannabis seeds offers autoflowering seeds as well as feminized seeds, regular seeds, CBD seeds, medical cannabis seeds and so much more

We have selected only the best indica strains, sativa strains and hybrid medical strains available on the market today. And don’t worry if you’re not sure what product is best for you; Our easy-to-use seeds bank allows you to search for a marijuana strain suited to your particular purpose. Be it medical cannabis, or something recreational, we have hundreds of seeds online in our online shop.

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Our vast seeds collection hails from top seed companies and seed banks like Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Barneys Farm, and Dinafem seeds. All of Marijuana Grow Shop´s seeds online have been selected and bred to ensure only the highest level of quality for both recreational and medical use.

Visit our vast seed store to see our broad selection of regular seeds, CBD seeds, hybrid seeds, feminized seeds and easy to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our range of high in THC strains, CBD strains and hybrid seeds gives you the chance to choose the cannabis seed strain best suited for you to grow your own selection of cannabis plants.

If you’re looking for a classic original cannabis strain like the world-famous OG Kush or Gorilla Glue you’ve come to the right place. For the sweet-toothed amongst you, maybe it’s a sativa seed strain like Girl Scout Cookies or a high in THC strain like Jack Herer, or even a pure indica like the famed cannabis cup winner White Widow. Indeed, no matter your desire, we have a cannabis seed strain to satisfy every need.

With Marijuana Grow Shop, buying seeds has never been simpler. Our simplified and easy to use webshop allows you to filter down your selections to make buying seeds online that much easier.

No matter which cannabis strain you desire, rest assured, all of our cannabis seeds are regularly tested to ensure only the highest levels of quality.

If you’re shopping for seeds online, why look further? Grow the best and exceed the rest with award-winning cannabis Seeds from Marijuana Grow Shop.

Autoflowering season has started!

Explore Marijuana Grow Shop’s extensive range of cannabis seeds sourced from the world’s best seedbanks. Whether you’re looking to buy the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds, the strongest feminized seeds, or exclusive regular cannabis seed varieties, we have every grower’s needs covered.

Our famous and best sold seeds

Sugar Cane

Feminized, Regular | Medicinal

A glittering and deliciously sweet sativa-leaning specimen crafted with hash making in mind, Sugar Cane is an incredibly resin-rich THC-dominant hybrid from Guru Fire.


Feminized, Regular | Medicinal

Become the envy of your friends and fellow growers with Jealousy – a must-have indica-dominant cultivar from Guru Fire with a spicy orange flavour and a tempting THC content of around 30%.


Feminized, Regular | Medicinal

A fruity and refreshing reminder of those hot summer days and an excellent choice for wake and bake enthusiasts, Lemonade is a sour sativa cut from the Gure Fire seedbank with a spirit-lifting psychoactive stance that’ll keep you energized from dawn till dusk.

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Feminized, Regular | Medicinal

Once impossible to source on the open market, Slurricane – the purple indica-dominant hybrid powerhouse that whipped the world into a storm upon original release – makes its triumphant return with these limited edition seeds from Guru Fire.

What are you looking for?

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Harvest multiple times in a season with our selection of fastest autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Browse our wide selection of high quality feminized cannabis seeds and harvest the finest female plants every grow.

Medicinal Marijuana Seeds

Find the perfect medicinal cannabis seeds for your needs including some of the most popular high CBD strains.

Featured Seedbank

Guru Seeds

Highest quality cannabis genetics
in feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds

Top picks

Best-selling seeds

Discover Marijuana Grow Shop’s
most popular cultivars

What our users say

It is great to buy seeds now that it is legal it makes you grow with plants that grow with love and lightPeace to heavens good willMay I Rest In PeacePut the blunt down and pick it up because blunts don’t have legsAnd weed can’t speak unless you make itCuz this is purgatory riightThe bud that doesn’t breathe muchKilling trees that can move is bad luck

Took a little longer than was hoping but was also around the holidays so that’s to be expected. I did receive my package and support was great about responding back to me everytime I would email them. Overall am happy to do business with again in the future thanks again.

I placed 1 order on the 21st and another order on the 30th of November because of the incredible sale they were running and both of my orders arrived before Christmas. I was very impressed that they both delivered in timely manner. With the vast selection and a good price, I will be doing business with them again. Great job MGS.

Giving you five stars just for the genetics you have and for uk shipping.. but I placed my older last wednesday but still not had a email to confirm shipping, i paid for express delivery is there anytime I should be expecting a dispatch email?Thanks

Personalized customer service and updates to the status of the order. I would very much recommend Coffeeshop Guru. In addition, they carry specialized seeds for less that other shops. I am a very happy client.

Informative website. Products are delivered with care. I am very satisfied with my new Amnesia Haze seeds. Let them grow, Guru go go go!

I’m impressed with the website and the variety of products they stock. My order arrived in a very unique, stylish package that really made a good first impression about the quality of this company.