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Want to grow weed in the States? Discover ten cannabis seed companies that ship quality marijuana seeds right to your doorstep and start your garden right. This company doesn’t just sell seeds—they teach you everything you need to know about growing them, too. Three cultivation experts fill us in on what they are excited about as we enter the outdoor planting season.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to the US

As more American states legalize marijuana, the interest in home cultivation also increases. Countless cannabis seed companies have emerged to accommodate the ever-growing demand.

One Google search produces hundreds of hits for cannabis seed banks, but you can’t just pick one and hope for the best. Good seeds are vital, and starting with outstanding genetics is the only way to ensure success — so the information you’ll find in this article is hugely important.

We’re going to reveal the best ten places to buy quality marijuana seeds in the US, and why.

Cannabis Seed Banks: Choosing Reputable Retailers

What makes a top marijuana seed bank?

  • History: do they have a solid track record?
  • Legitimacy: where is the business located? Does it have the proper certificates? Did past shoppers have positive experiences?
  • Shipping details: where do they deliver? How long do seeds take to arrive? Is the shipping tracked and discreet?
  • Variety: is your favorite strain available? Are there feminized, autoflowering, high-THC, and high-CBD seeds?
  • Pricing: are the seeds reasonably priced? Are there discounts for larger orders? What about promotions for new and loyal customers?
  • Success rate: is germination guaranteed? Do feminized seeds always turn out female? Does the company send replacements?
  • Website quality: is the shop section transparent and detailed? Are there educational materials?
  • Customer support: can you get answers 24/7? Is assistance polite and helpful?

Answer these questions, and you’ll discard numerous subpar retailers. Then it’s about reviews, recommendations, and your preferences.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks: Our Top 10 Picks

Don’t feel like scouring the internet for cannabis seed companies that fit the above criteria? Here are the top ten sellers that do.

1. Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best American cannabis seed bank for weed seeds, nutrients, and information. The brand emphasizes education, hosting lessons and offering guides by expert collaborators.

The inventory features around 500 unique cultivars. What makes Homegrown different is that it’s teamed up with America’s top cultivators to supply new strains alongside the classics. Unique herbs by Kyle Kushman, Nikki and Swami, and Steve D’Angelo are exciting additions to the catalog. They even have NFL hero Ricky Williams on their crew!

There’s a germination guarantee on EVERY seed, delivery is tracked, discreet, and also guaranteed. And they ship from the US, no need to wait for European seeds to cross the Atlantic and struggle through customs.

Seeds can be a little pricey, but this is a premium cannabis brand with elite-level seeds and nutrients. It’s where professionals, hobbyists, and outright beginners can find the perfect seeds for their needs. As for reputation: it’s excellent.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Extensive strain selection Expensive seeds Feminized
Original cultivars available Shipping fees for small orders Autoflowering
Plenty of educational material Regular
Guaranteed germination Fast version
Fast and stealthy shipping Beginner
Frequent promotions High yield
Responsive customer support Indoor
Delivery guarantee Outdoor
Excellent reputation Cultivars with character

2. SeedSupreme Seedbank

SeedSupreme Seedbank excels in terms of variety. It stocks over 4000 different seeds from 100 producers. The company also offers its unique take on the classics, selling strains from in-house breeders.

The well-designed website encourages exploration. It’s simple to navigate and packed with filters for finding the ideal cultivar. The currency conversion tool is a nice touch, displaying prices in GBP, EUR, or USD.

SeedSupreme is the top marijuana seed bank for customers paying with crypto. It also offers plenty of promotions for new and loyal shoppers. The deliveries are fast and stealthy, but you have to pay extra for guaranteed shipping.

Unfortunately, there are no quality assurances. Customer reviews suggest excellent germination rates, but there’s no replacement policy.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Varied strain selection No germination guarantee Feminized
Multiple available brands No guaranteed free shipping Autoflowering
Well-designed website Landrace
Frequent free seed offers High THC
Supports cryptocurrency High CBD

3. i49 Seedbank

i49 Seedbank stocks over 400 strains from in-house lines. The company comes through with its feminized strain assortment, promising 99% of female crops from every seed pack. Each product page contains a complete growing guide, making it perfect for newbies.

The seeds come with a germination guarantee. There are cheap and wholesale seeds for shoppers on a budget. The “buy one get one free” promotion doubles the order size for select cultivars.

Deliveries are swift and guaranteed, and buying two or more products grants you free shipping. The store features flexible but expected payment options and easily-available customer support.

Regarding downsides, i49 is pricier than most of its competitors, but that’s often the case when looking for the best, most reliable genetics.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Diverse strain selection Pricey products Feminized
80% germination guarantee Autoflowering
Excellent female seed stock Regular
Fast shipping in the US Indica
Broad wholesale section Sativa

4. I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a well-rounded, high-quality seed retailer. It boasts various seeds, fantastic customer support, numerous sales and discounts, and comprehensive educational content.

Seed quality is good, as backed by the germination guarantee. There’s a variety of classic cultivars and exclusive names. In fact, ILGM is the top US cannabis seed bank for people interested in unique autoflowers.

This company has a great reputation and customer service to boot. Shoppers get access to weekly deals and smart promos to save money with each purchase.

The only real disadvantage of ILGM is the lack of regular seeds. It doesn’t provide for prospective breeders or self-sufficient cultivators.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Highly-reputable company Expensive seeds Feminized
Excellent strain variety Fees for tracked shipping Autoflowering
Guaranteed germination No regular seeds Indoor
24/7 customer support Outdoor
Diverse discounts High yield
Educational resources Small plant

5. Seedsman

Seedsman is the go-to marijuana seed company for variety. Besides top-sellers and old-school classics, growers can get their hands on numerous rare strains. The filters let you browse through cultivars for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse setups with various cultivation focuses.

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Bulk buyers can claim free seeds with each purchase, and there’s always at least one active discount. Seedsman also sells accessories to elevate your toking experience.

Shipping is worldwide, fast, and discreet. You can track your order, and the fees are minimal for US customers. The payment methods are diverse and secure — Seedsman even offers Bitcoin payments.

The main downsides of this retailer are the clunky website and questionable customer support. It’s unsuitable for newbies and people uncertain about their shopping decisions.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Exceptional seed variety No germination guarantee Feminized
Fast global shipping Subpar customer support Autoflowering
Plenty of promotions Clunky website design Regular
Educational resources Fast version
Supports cryptocurrency Higher altitudes
Low odor

6. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a pretty good choice for beginners. The site is streamlined and intuitive, with helpful information for starting your garden. There are germination and growing guides, and each strain page comes with detailed descriptions.

There are positive reviews on the website, regulated to display only feedback from verified users. Shoppers claim high germination rates and good customer support.

Deliveries are fast and discreet. Orders of over $300 come with free shipping. However, transport times can surpass ten days, so keep that in mind if you want to start a garden as soon as possible.

In terms of negatives, the website is beginner-focused. Educational materials and cultivars don’t cater to advanced and commercial growers and breeders.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Well-developed website Slow deliveries Feminized
Plenty of strain information Shipping fees for small orders Autoflowering
Excellent product variety Too beginner-focused Regular
Global shipping Fast version
Reliable reviews High CBD
Mix and match

7. MSNL Seedbank

MSNL Seedbank is among the most reliable sellers in the US, offering the fastest shipping times in the industry.

This American cannabis seed bank features a comprehensive strain assortment and a neat selection tool. You can browse cultivars based on terpene contents, health conditions they might treat, and even your climate.

This store also runs frequent promos, letting you save money on purchases. The seeds are high-quality—some in-house cultivars even won High Times and Cannabis Cups. Reviewers suggest excellent success rates, too.

When it comes to the negatives, there’s no germination guarantee at MSNL. The customer support could be improved, too, especially with a live chat option.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Great strain selection tools No live customer support Feminized
Reputable retailer No germination guarantee Autoflowering
Fast and discreet shipping Expensive seeds Regular
Plenty of freebies High yield
Great reviews Medical
High THC
Cup winners

8. Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is the best marijuana seed bank for global, discreet, and reliable shipping. This brand pays extra attention to product freshness, rotating its stocks to avoid sending old and unproductive seeds.

The website is streamlined and logical, with detailed filters to help you find the perfect cultivar. This store shines in the field of CBD, stocking strains to assist with various physical and mental health issues. Its mix packs are excellent for curious growers eager to experiment.

All deliveries have tracking numbers and ship within 48 hours. The company has an above-average customer help center, too.

The Ministry of Cannabis lacks a germination guarantee, but the fresh supply mostly makes up for the fact. The only factor where the brand falls short is the promotional events.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Rotating seed stock Limited strain selection Feminized
Excellent customer support No germination guarantee Autoflowering
Great CBD strain selection No sales or discounts High CBD
Fast global shipping Mix packs

9. Herbies Seedbank

Herbies Seedbank is convenient, informative, and easy to navigate. It’s the best weed seed bank for variety. The collections are extensive and top-quality.

The Seed Finder site section is impressive. It features a comprehensive selection of filters to narrow your options to only the perfect cultivars. The seeds come with a 70% germination guarantee and reviews to back up the promise.

Processing and shipping are reliable, quick, and free of charge. Shoppers get an extra seed with every purchase, on top of the other available promotions.

Prices are a bit higher with Herbies. Since the company’s based in Spain, shipping to the US may take over two weeks, too.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
User-friendly website layout Lower germination guarantee Regular
Excellent research tools Longer delivery times Feminized
Great strain selection Autoflowering
Free seeds with each order High THC
Reliable shipping High CBD
Old school
New arrivals
Cup winners
Top sellers

10. Weed Seeds Express

Weed Seeds Express is a new retailer, but it’s trying to catch up to the best cannabis seed banks in America. It offers a vast selection of seeds, worldwide shipping, generous promotions, and a return policy.

The website is well-developed and streamlined, delivering information in a digestible format. There’s a blog section to assist your cultivation efforts and a widget for quick support.

Looking at the cultivars, this store isn’t lagging behind its competition. There are strains for novices and experts, THC and CBD enthusiasts, and people looking for mold-resistant and low-odor herbs. Each seed arrives with a 96.1% germination guarantee.

The only thing this seed bank lacks is the prestige that comes with age. You’ll find scarce reviews and recommendations to check its reputability.

Pros Cons Seeds in offer
Large seed selection No established reputation Indica
Streamlined website Sativa
Excellent promotions Hybrid
Great customer support High CBD
Tracked worldwide deliveries High THC
High CBG

Final Thoughts About Top Cannabis Seed Companies

Cannabis seed banks are cropping up left and right. Above, we outlined ten safe and reliable stores to cater to every grower. Our list incorporates budget-friendly and premium brands for newbies and experts of medical and recreational backgrounds.

We cannot name one true champion here — you’ll have to consider your priorities to choose the optimal option. We can tell you that each one’s guaranteed to set you up for cultivation success, so you can’t go wrong. Buy seeds, start growing, and have fun with it!

Homegrown Cannabis Co. makes sure no one grows alone

There are all kinds of reasons why you’d want to grow cannabis, whether you’re a gardener looking for a new project, you’re tired of paying retail prices for your herb, or you just want to deepen your relationship with the plant. If you’re a beginner to growing cannabis looking for some advice on your first grow, the seed people at Homegrown Cannabis Co. want you to know nobody grows alone. After all, the only way to become an expert is by starting out as a novice—and there’s a whole community of longtime growers that can help you with your journey.

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Cannabis is a tricky plant with a specific set of needs—and depending on where, how, and how many, you’re going to need a tailored approach. Fortunately, anybody can start their own grow operation when they’re armed with the right knowledge.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers practical supplies to get started, including, of course, seeds. But they can also help you learn what to do next. Beginner-friendly strains are showcased front-and-center, as well as a master class in a successful first (and second, and third) grow. Here are some of the highlights you can find on their informational site.

Free lessons from a legendary grower

In collaboration with Kyle Kushman, one of cannabis’ most famous growers, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has produced a series of video lessons called A Beginner’s Guide. These lessons are easy-to-navigate and have accompanying articles to help you purchase any necessary equipment, select your seeds, set up your lights, and not run afoul of your local laws.

Once you have the basics down, you can read the full cannabis-growing reference guide. It teaches you how to tell whether plants are male or female, how to mask the smell of cannabis plants (including good ol’ nag champa), some common mistakes indoor growers make, and other essential knowledge for a successful grow. There’s even a lesson on how to set up an indoor grow room for less than $100.

Choosing and maintaining your plants

Homegrown’s “The Cannabis Plant” series, part of their collaboration with Kushman, gives you all the ins and outs of the plant itself, from the unique growing needs of different strains to how different cannabinoids affect the human body. When selecting your first seeds, you’re going to have to keep all this in mind: your space, your growing conditions, the time of year, and your desired effects.

Before you get into the details, though, one of your most basic decisions is going to be whether to go for a normal, photoperiod strain or an autoflowering strain.

Photo by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Feminized or regular plants are a great choice for planting earlier in the season, since they need about 12 hours of light every day to reach their full potential. Autoflowering plants are often a better choice lower light, sowing past the Summer Solstice or growing indoors. They can be easier to care for and keep a much lower profile, but you’re not going to get as much flower from them.

If you have a versatile space, you can always plant a combination of both to extend your growing season.

The best strains for beginners

Once you’ve landed on feminized, autoflowering, or both, it’s time to choose your strain. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, they’ve already sorted out the best strains for beginners so you can focus on the effects you desire from the end product. There are some great options, including iconic strains and dynamic, new hybrids. If you’re unsure where to start, we suggest:

Blackberry Kush: A classic strain that produces pretty buds, tasty herb, and a soothing high.

Gorilla Glue: Known for its sticky buds, this strain is fun and talkative in lower doses—and sleepy if you smoke enough of it.

Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese: This offspring of two beloved strains produces a long-lasting high great for kicking back. “It’s about time these strains got together,” Kushman says.

Blueberry x Jack Herer: Two icons combine for the best of both worlds—one’s a well-known pick-me-up, while the other is more relaxing for a balanced high.

CBD Shishkaberry x Candida (Feminized): Those looking for more CBD than THC have a few options, including this deeply relaxing strain perfect for bedtime.

Photo by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown has curated more than 400 seeds suitable for all kinds of growers. If you’re just getting started, browse their selection of half-price beginner strains. Those looking to expand their horizons can browse by THC or CBD content, yield, or even vibe—hit the “rooms” section for strains grouped by desired effect and specialty. And for those looking for cheap weed seeds they have a BOGO section available year-round.

Kushman-level growers: Just search for that exact strain you’re looking for, because chances are they have it.

Hot Cannabis Seeds To Grow in 2022

Three cultivation experts fill us in on what they are excited about as we enter the outdoor planting season.

Luckily for us, cannabis was made illegal. After all, if the U.S. government had not decided to criminalize marijuana, starting with a tax for growing it, we wouldn’t have nearly as many different types. When cannabis growers and breeders were forced underground, they used male and female plants to create their own seedstock. The illegal distinction borne by the cannabis plant has led to it being one of the most diverse botanicals on the planet. When the War on Drugs meant Americans could no longer get landrace genetics like Acapulco Gold from Mexico, we looked further toward Amsterdam’s marijuana melting pot. The fusion of American cannabis enthusiasts and High Times legends like Sam the Skunkman, Ed Rosenthal, and Steve Hager with Dutch seed companies blessed the world with delicacies like Super Lemon Haze and provided the platform to promote them. Today, the worldwide cannabis seed market is a thriving industry.

Seed germination for outdoor growing starts in spring. Seeds require 10-15 days longer than clones, so the end of April is an excellent time to pop them to get the 2022 outdoor harvest outside by Mother’s Day. We checked in with three ganja growing all-stars to see what cannabis combinations they’re excited about this year.

David Downs
Senior Content Manager, Leafly

What seeds are you excited about for this planting season?
For this planting season, I’m super-juiced to re-run Humboldt Seed Co’s Squirt (feminized) for year three. I can smoke that super-optimized modern Tangie cross all day, every day, and it makes a great salad with another sativa during the day or some gas at night.

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I’m also hyped to bring back HumSeedCo’s Hella Jelly (fems) for year two as a super-agronimized modern sativa that finishes early and has mad cherry and cotton candy taste and zippy daytime effects.

I’m stoked to run Archive Seeds Dosi-Tree outside for the first time for that Dosi gas plus Lemon Tree’s size and syrupy lemon smell. Yum! Last year it was In-House Genetics’ Slurricane IX—that killed!

And lastly, I’m pumped to run Terp Hogz Geneticz Z3 for the first time this year! I think I’ll always want some Zkittlez in the garden, and Z3 is a way to get at the root of some optimized Z terps, as opposed to chasing new Z crosses. I can’t wait to have a pound of Z3 for Thanksgiving! Terp Hogz is selling seeds direct to your door on NXTLVL delivery in the Bay Area—if you don’t know how cool it is to shop, buy and get Terp Hogz genes delivered in a couple hours—now you know! It’s so clutch.

Do you typically grow from seed? If so, why?
Yes! I like the vigor of seeds, especially regulars—they get huge outside! There’s also less chances of a virus or pest infection from seeds vs. clones. I buy seeds all year and they keep well until it’s time to plant. (But I still might get a clone of Jokerz from Compound Genetics for this year, and if I do, I’m all about it!)

What does your grow setup look like?
I start popping indoors the first day of spring and raise babies inside where it’s warm, then sex the juveniles, and harden them on the porch in The City, before transplanting the keepers into 30-gallon fabric pots outdoors in the NorCal sun by Mother’s Day! We try and KISS (keep it simple, stupid). We use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil plus amendments and well water on a drip timer. And BT to fight the caterpillars!

Are there certain types of cannabis or specific cultivars that do well where you are growing?
Yeah, I’m an outdoor NorCal Bay Area grower, and I’m deliberately running Humboldt Seed Co, Archive, and Terp Hogz because I think their gear tends to be tested and screened for outdoor runs. I know HumSeedCo does a bunch of mixed-light testing, and Terp Hogz in Mendo also works in mixed light. Archive’s stuff seems to be developed more indoors in Oregon, but I know that Lemon Tree has killed it outdoors in Santa Cruz.

I want to run stuff that’s been tested outside, for sure. Lots of the latest crosses are bred and tested inside and many breeders and growers don’t know how they’ll react to the variations in heat, humidity, etc. outside. I want stuff that’s hard to fuck up, as opposed to some diva that molds the second it rains, or some crazy sativa that won’t finish until November. But that’s just me! Everyone’s needs are pretty specific!

Jeff Jones
Horticulture Instructor, Oaksterdam University

What seeds are you excited for?
I am fond of recommending and growing varieties that produce well-rounded plants with new tastes and smells.

Do you typically grow from seed? If so, why?
No, but I have done so with Oaksterdam University students over the years often.

What does your grow setup look like these days?
A simple 4′ x 4′ area light up with LED lights in a larger room that I have found no need for AC to cool.

What has been your experience growing autoflowers?
To me, this is the best reason to grow from seed. They only come this way and are getting better varieties all the time.

Are there certain types of cannabis or specific cultivars that do well where you grow in Oakland?
We have a mix of urban growers that are survivors. Many obstacles to keep from having a successful harvest in tight city living. I grow inside due to this better neighborhood policy. I find less issues and arise with having long-term success. But I do know a few good areas that have outdoor gardens with little to no worry for either the garden or neighbors with bad smells.

Shango Los
Podcast Host, Shaping Fire

What seeds are you excited about this year?
Since I live on Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest, I have to choose seeds that will finish flowering fast enough during our short summers. I’ll mostly be growing autoflowers so I can germinate them on June 1 and harvest at the end of August before the rains start. I am excited to grow the Purple Pope collaboration between Gnome Automatics and Night Owl Seeds. The flowers smell of sandalwood, lemongrass, and yuzu. Northern Cheese Haze from Mephisto Genetics is always a winner for me too. It captures some of that fresh sunshine-dried linen sweet smell of haze with the bloomy-rind cheese funk that we love cheese strains for.

The most reliable photoperiod for where I live continues to be Mandelbrot’s famous Royal Kush from Mendocino, which will often finish in 50 days. There is a new collaboration between Emerald Mountain Legacy and Mean Gene From Mendocino called Royale with Cherries that blends the gas and shorter flower times with Mean Gene’s Cherry Lime Pop which contributes a complex Maraschino cherry sweetness. It is exquisite. Last summer, it finished well ahead of all the other photos. And it hashed well for us too.

How was the 2021 Autoflower Cup? Are you experimenting with autoflowers?
The 2021 Autoflower Cup was a great gathering. For so long, autoflowers really didn’t perform as we wanted. But the modern era of autoflowers are so much better tasting and yielding. And because they can be grown nearly everywhere in the U.S., they are quickly gaining a following. And, of course, since autoflower enthusiasts are so often ridiculed by photoperiod growers, it is nice to hang with a big group of people who share this special interest.

I am past simply experimenting with autoflowers at this point and have fully embraced them. Before this season, I have grown 156 varieties. I’m at the point now where I believe in them, understand their advantages and disadvantages and can really work with them to meet my cultivation goals.