Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

With this guide to fast-flowering cannabis plants, you'll be able to recognize and care for all those quickly-growing strains, especially the ones we recommend! Photoperiod strains can be forced to flower as soon as they emerge from the soil's surface. Use this technique to harvest after only six weeks of growth! Seeds with the Quickest Flowering Time ✔︎ 24h delivery! ✅ PREMIUM Performance ✅ Enjoy our latest ADDITIONS! You're going to love them!

What Is Fast Flowering Cannabis?

Finding the right strain of fast-flowering cannabis can be tricky. If you find yourself unsure what to think of them, we’ve got the full low-down on fast flowering strains. We’ve got plenty of tips for novices and experts alike, and we’ll even take the time to recommend some of our favourite fast-flowering strains!

These days, most of us have a need for speed in our lives. We have access to near-endless information in seconds, and can order almost anything we need to our doorstep. With our ever-decreasing attention spans, and none of us having enough hours in the day, wanting to save time whenever possible only makes sense. In turn, while growing weed is a dream for stoners, the amount of time it takes can be a major barrier for many.

There’s no dread like wanting to get high and having no bud, and that pain is even deeper when you’re growing it yourself. It’s there, but it’s not. You know it can’t pop up overnight, but you may wish it’d pop out of the ground a little bit faster. If you find that thought running across your mind, it may be worth considering fast-flowering cannabis strains for your next harvest.

Before buying fast-flowering seeds, though, you’ll want to consider the nitty-gritty details of these plants and consider their pros and cons. From there, if you’re interested in growing some yourself, you can consider a few of our personal favorite fast-flowering strains.

What Are Fast-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

All cannabis plants follow one of two flowering patterns: photoperiod or autoflowering. The former need a particular light schedule dictated by the seasons in order to bloom. Autoflowering strains, on the other hand, will progress with flowering regardless of how much light they’re given. Fast-flowering strains have a little bit of both in their genes.

The process starts when you cross a photoperiod-dependent parent with an autoflowering partner. As plants pollinate and seeds are produced, the autoflowering parent passes on key recessive genes that speed up the flowering phase. Essentially, you end up with an express version of classic photoperiod genetics. What you’re left with is a strain that flowers—and can, thus, be harvested—faster than typical photoperiod varieties.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast-Flowering Cannabis Strains

There are many reasons you could want faster-growing plants, whether you need to avoid inclement weather or manage multiple harvests in a season.


No matter your situation, fast-flowering strains have their advantages.

Faster grow time: Fast-flowering strains can be harvested between 1-5 weeks sooner than classic strains, which also means you can grow more often.

Thrive in any weather: Fast-flowering cannabis can be grown in places with adverse weather conditions, but also excel in warm temperatures.

Fewer fungal issues: Due to their rapid growth, FF cultivators can avoid problems usually associated with damp and rainy autumnal weather.

Safety first: Due to the simple lighting schedules necessary for quick strains, there’s a lower risk of safety hazards.


On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to using fast flowering strains you should take into account.

Smaller yields: Due to rapid production, yields from fast-flowering strains are smaller than classic and autoflowering strains.

Lower cannabinoids: For similar reasons, buds from fast-flowering plants usually have lower cannabinoid levels than those from classic photoperiod strains.

Beyond that, there aren’t really any drawbacks to these strains. Not only that, but most of them can also be negated by implementing the sea of green method.

Top 5 Fast-Flowering Cannabis Strains

Cultivators are constantly experimenting on new fast-flowering strains. We’re already leagues ahead of where we were a couple of years ago, and that progress is more than clear in our selection. Without further ado, these are our 5 favorite examples of fast-flowering cannabis.

Candy Kush Express

With its delicately sweet taste, Candy Kush Express is a nicely-balanced blend with an equally balanced high. A cross-breed between the heady Sweet Special and relaxing Royal Kush, Candy Kush inherits both the uplifting and relaxing traits of its parents. This fast-flowering version of Candy Kush has a short flowering period of just 7 weeks, developing a decent yield of deliciously dense resin-coated buds with a THC level of 18%. With that along with an average indoor yield of 475–525g/m² and outdoor yield of 450–500g/plant, this strain is a cut above many classic photoperiod plants.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains

For some growers, time is of the essence. There’s a multitude of reasons one might want to wrap up an operation as quickly as possible. Some cultivators still live in areas under prohibition; the faster they set up and shut down their project, the less likely they are to get busted and prosecuted. Alternatively, commercial growers want to achieve the fastest harvest possible to boost turnaround.


Regardless of the reason, it’s certainly possible to speed up the cultivation process. Autoflowering varieties are prized for this very quality. Many of them provide ripe flowers only several weeks after germination, although this speed comes at a price. Yields are usually comparatively small, and cannabinoid content is lower too. That means less THC and CBD in each flower.

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By comparison, photoperiod varieties offer larger yields and higher levels of cannabinoids. However, they usually take much longer to reach harvest when grown conventionally. Growers typically keep indoor plants on a light cycle of 18 hours on and 6 hours off during the vegetative stage. The photoperiod is then switched to 12 hours on and 12 hours off to initiate the flowering stage.

However, it’s possible to grow any photoperiod variety at a pace that rivals autoflowering cultivars. The very word “photoperiod” implies that these plants require a shift in the light cycle to begin flowering; an acquired evolutionary trait. A decrease in light signals that autumn is approaching, and thus it’s time to produce flowers and seeds to reproduce.

Indoor growers have free rein over the length of the vegetative phase in photoperiod varieties. As long as plants receive more than 12 hours of light per day, they will stay in veg. Growers can thus trigger flowering whenever they please. This trait means the photoperiod can be used to force plants to flower very early on in the growing cycle. Applying a 12/12 light cycle from germination will cause photoperiod strains to flower just as fast as most autos. Starting with clones will produce even faster results.

Although this level of speed is practical for some growers, there is a trade-off. The lack of a vegetative phase means plants only reach a small size, which results in reduced yields. However, this deficit can be negated by starting many seeds or clones together and cultivating them using the sea of green (SOG) method.


If this method appeals to you, check out our fastest feminized photoperiod strains to grow under a 12/12 cycle from seed to harvest. If you desire larger yields, you can veg these plants for a regular period of time under 18/6, and still benefit from an ultra-fast flowering phase!


As her name suggests, Royal Cheese is quick off the mark when it comes to producing high-quality flowers. The indica-dominant strain was created to resemble the legendary UK strain Cheese. RQS breeders harnessed Old School Skunk and Afghani to get the job done. She boasts a THC level of 17%, which fuels a relaxing and stoning body high. Her flowers possess tastes of sweetness and earth. Grown conventionally, she produces an impressive yield of 450–550g/m² after a flowering period as brief as six weeks. She makes an excellent candidate for a 12/12 light cycle from veg.

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Fast Seeds

Fast cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seeds are photo-dependent strains with a really fast flowering phase, which means that they flower between 1 and 2 weeks faster than the standard versions. Humboldt Seeds’ Fast genetics have been created from the cross of their classic strains with their best autoflowering varieties. Fast strains are ideal for impatient growers eager to obtain their precious harvests, as well as for growers in northern areas with adverse weather conditions, wishing to grow our classic Humboldt genetics whilst retaining all their top qualities. See more >

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Fast Seeds

Fast strains, also known as Quick or Early Version strains, derive from crosses with selected autoflowering genetics; so even though they are not actually autoflowering, they carry the autoflowering gene. They are F1 Hybrids characterized by their ability to shift from the vegetative to the flowering phase in record time.

Fast cannabis plants grow non-stop until the photoperiod is changed and the blooming starts, which does not usually exceed 8 weeks.

Growing Fast Flowering cannabis seeds provides numerous benefits:

  • Fast strains can be grown in northern regions like Great Britain, Germany, or Russia, as they can be harvested before the arrival of cold and humid weather.
  • They are feminized plants that will be ready for harvest in a short space of time, which allows for more indoor grows in a given time.
  • Another advantage of the Fast plants is that they are bigger than the autoflowering strains, and therefore deliver more abundant yields.
  • Fast strains are similar to their feminized relatives, but their flowering time is faster and they can be grown in almost any climate conditions with great results.

These are some of the most iconic Humbold Seeds’ genetics in their Fast Version:

  • Fast Flowering OGKZ: the super fast version of this classic Californian strain. The American dream, now available to all growers.
  • Fast Flowering Green Crack: a faster Indica; a stable strain with high humidity resistance. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this super exotic, flavorful and relaxing strain!

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