Drying Cannabis Seeds

Read on to find out more about drying and curing of cannabis. Find out some tips from the professionals and avoid the most common rookie mistakes How to collect, dry, cure and store cannabis seeds There are different opinions and methods about storing your seeds for a long term – in frizzer, refrigerator or room temperature. After How to dry marijuana, what is the difference between the drying and curing process, how does it affect our buds.

The best ways to dry and cure cannabis.

One of the most underrated aspects of cannabis cultivation is the importance of drying and curing your cannabis well. Many passionate cannabis home growers work hard to identify the best cannabis seeds, the best LED grow lights and nutrition regime only to let themselves down with a substandard dry and cure. This can make the whole experience of vaping/smoking a great disappointment. Read on to find out more about the best ways to improve your cannabis drying and curing techniques.

Drying and curing has a massive affect on the vape/smoke quality

If you have ever opened a jar of well cured and dried buds you will instantly be greeted by a rich, pleasing aroma. Those all-important terpenes which help modulate the cannabis high should be retained in the buds. The buds themselves will often feel sticky as you squeeze them. They will retain a certain squashiness and release their intoxicating aroma as you squeeze them. Well cured buds have lost enough water to allow them to stay potent in the jar for a year or two without the threat of mold. The buds will have retained a high terpene level allowing you to enjoy a deep satisfying vape. A well managed drying and curing is the icing on the cake after a successful cannabis grow. Try to do it too fast and you risk losing aroma and taste. But if you follow some simple guidelines and optimise them you will be able to master the art of perfectly dried and cured cannabis. Correctly dried and cured cannabis can last many years with minimal loss of potency,

Timing your cannabis harvest

Most cannabis connoisseurs will already have an idea of whether they prefer their cannabis harvested slightly early, slightly late or somewhere in the middle. This is easy to do, simply label samples of your harvest, dry/cure them identically and find out which you prefer. Now you can start the drying/curing process with some knowledge about the best moment to harvest your plant

Starting to harvest your cannabis plant

Many people start by removing branches from the main plant. Often people find it easiest to remove (or ‘trim’) the leaves off at this stage before they get dry and crispy later. If you have grown from good quality feminized cannabis seeds or autoflower seeds you should find plenty of resin on the leaves and trim material. Many growers save the trim and use it to make hash or cannabis concentrates later. Some larger growers have invested in automatic trimming machines. These are a great convenience, though they are often several thousand Dollars/Euro’s. They are used as a labor-saving device by large legal growers.

The trimmed branches are often hung from a wire or a coat hanger in a gentle, light breeze e.g. from a small desk fan. Ensure that the branches don’t touch each other. This allows the buds to dry out an at even rate, which allows you precise control over the drying time. Many growers like to keep the drying process in complete darkness to prevent degradation of the THC. A convenient place to dry your cannabis plants is in the grow tent with air extraction and a carbon filter. A temperature of around 20ºC (around 70ºF) is good. A general philosophy is that slow and steady drying will lose less terpenes than drying done quickly at higher temperatures.

Drying your cannabis will cause a powerful aroma which can be smelt from some distance away, so be sure to take proper precautions and always have a carbon filter to clean the waste air. To allow the slow control which comes from an un-rushed drying process many people use air conditioning to maintain temperatures around 20ºC (70ºF). Humidity should be kept from getting too high, around 50% allows a steady drying process.

One drying tip is to start at 60% for the first few days, slowly working your way down to 55% again for a few days. After a week (max 10 days) set your dehumidifier to 50% to dry the buds a little further. As soon as the branches start to snap (or almost snap) this is a sign that the buds on those branches are just about ready to put into the jars. Check for similar sized branches, remove buds and place in the jar. Note that the biggest flowers often take a day or two longer to dry. Some cannabis growers use drying racks to dry their buds. They remove all the buds from the branches and spread them out to dry on shelves made from netting.

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Optimised cannabis drying

How quickly the cannabis dries depends on local ambient humidity and temperatures. Cannabis connoisseurs never rush the drying and curing. A mindful, slow and measured approach delivers the best results. Only an inexperienced grower would dry their cannabis on a radiator or in a microwave and hope for high quality results.

Usually the drying process takes around a week, sometimes longer. In order to slow the drying process down a little, some people removes the buds from the branches and put them into brown paper envelopes for a few days. They use brown paper because it is unbleached yet permeable enough to allow moisture to slowly escape. When the smaller branches are dry enough to snap, many growers decide the residual humidity is low enough to start curing the buds. At this stage the outside of the buds will feel a little bit ‘crunchy’.

Curing removes the last traces of moisture. This is important if the buds are to last several months, or even a year or two, without going moldy. During curing the buds develop the full aroma and taste which adds so much pleasure to the eventual consumption. Proper drying and curing of cannabis is one of the most over-looked aspects of cannabis supply. Black market producers in particular pay very little attention to drying/curing. That’s one of the main reasons people prefer to grow their own cannabis, they can easily exceed the quality levels of local street weed.

How to cure cannabis easily

As the cannabis buds approach curing they have lost most, but not all, of their moisture. The final curing stage is the final, and arguably the most important part of cannabis supply. Often people use glass jars. Plastic is less preferred since it can be softened/dis-colored by the sticky resin on the buds. The well trimmed buds are placed in the glass jars leaving a centimetre or two at the top of the jar. The jars are sealed, and left in the dark. The jars are then unsealed once (or perhaps twice) a day to allow any moisture to be released. Some people refer to this as ‘burping’ the jars. Two or three weeks is considered a minimum cure time. Many connoisseurs feel that curing is complete after around a month or two. The cured buds will vape with a clean flavor and no ‘chlorophyll’ taste. Once your buds are fully cured you may prefer to store them in a freezer to fully preserve potency and ensure no degradation. Don’t store them in a high temperature environment (e.g. a warm loft space) if you want the best long term storage.

Controlling humidity when storing your buds

No-one wants to open their jars to find that the buds have mold because they were put in the jar before being sufficiently dry. Likewise, you don’t want to open your jar of prized buds to find that they are too dry and crispy, with poor taste and aroma. Buds that are too dry can feel like they are several years old and can have a harsh effect when vaped/smoked. When you open your jars you want to have premium quality buds, with optimized potency, a well cured aroma and a fresh taste. One way to achieve this is with humidity control sachets from companies like Boveda or Integra. These sachets release moisture if your buds are too dry, or they absorb moisture if the buds are damp. You can select different products from these companies. From Boveda we recommend the ’58% Humidity’ sachets. From Integra we recommend the ’55% humidity’ packs.

From growing the best cannabis seeds to curing the buds

One of the benefits of growing your own cannabis from feminized seeds/autoflowering cannabis seeds is that you can fully control and optimise each step. From buying the best cannabis seeds online, to cultivating them with the best LED grow lights. Best of all, you can dry and cure your own buds giving them that uniquely rich taste and aroma that is simply impossible to get on badly cured street weed.

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How to collect, dry, cure and store cannabis seeds

There are different opinions and methods about storing your seeds for a long term – in frizzer, refrigerator or room temperature.

After harvest, seeds continue to develop during drying and curing and if you pull them out fresh and quickly dried without some more dry and cure they don’t germinate very well. After harvest trim slightly and dump the buds in a humidor box for 12-14 hours for initial cure to even their humidity and prepare for slow dry. Then put them in brown bags for 2-3 days to dry a bit (usually moisture decreases significantly for that time) and then move them back to the humidor box to continue slow dry and cure for about 7-10 days.

When RH is about 63-65% inside the humidor and buds are ready for jarring, mature seeds start falling off. At this point start pulling out the seeds gently and chopping the buds on small bits. When all seeds are out, DRY THE HUMIDOR BOX VERY WELL AFTER BUDS ARE JARRED AND PUT THE SEEDS BACK. The point is seeds to dry on lower RH.

So about a month after harvest usually have 99.99% germination rate and store seeds properly tagged in plastic vials with some rice in the frizzer in air-tight containers. Make sure to remove all small bits vegetable matter and grade your seed before storing them.

SHORTLY: DON’T DRY CANNABIS SEEDS QUICKLY and don’t store them immediately after harvest.

How to dry and cure marijuana

How to dry marijuana, what is the difference between the drying and curing process, how does it affect our buds to perform these processes incorrectly. We are in a sea of doubts, but only for the moment.

We immediately start to answer all these questions, but without having answered any of them, we can already draw the first conclusion: The cultivation process does not end once we have harvested, after this moment there is still a lot at stake.

For all this, we explain you how to dry a cannabis plant and what should be its curing process.

To be able to answer the first question, the first thing we must be clear about is the differences between drying and curing marijuana. What is the distinction?

Differences between drying and curing marijuana

Since we collect the crop, until the buds are ready, we basically have to do two things: evaporate the water from these buds and remove a considerable percentage of chlorophyll.

Surely you have already realized this. If we have two objectives and we are talking about two different processes. right. In drying we are going to remove moisture from the pot bud, while the curing process primarily serves to cause it to lose chlorophyll.

What happens if we don’t dry and cure our buds or we do it incorrectly? Surely you have ever had a sensation that mixes unpleasantness with a flavor that is practically tasteless. If this has happened to you and you have wondered about the cause. you have just discovered it.

Tips for drying marijuana correctly

How to dry marijuana plants? Once it is already cut and you have done the manicuring process, you just have to hang it (facing the ground) on any thread such as a clothesline. Forget about closed spaces, they have to be aerated homogeneously, the more natural, the better. But what are the main keys?

Humidity, temperature and light. These are the three definitive factors in the drying of a marijuana plant.

We explain how to control them:

The relative humidity of the room where the plant is being dried should be between 55% and 60%. This is the ideal percentage, although if you go out (but minimally) of this spectrum, it can also work.

The ideal temperature for this process is around 18 degrees. As we have just explained in the previous case, this can change, but anything higher than 24 degrees or less than 15 degrees. It can spoil all the previous work.

– Light must be avoided at all costs. Both in this moment in which we are drying the marijuana and in the later curing the plants have to be in the dark.

– If you let it dry excessively, there is no turning back: We have started the post saying that we dry the marijuana so that it loses the humidity. Yes, but not all of it. When the curing is finished, the humidity has to reach at least 25%, therefore, when we are drying the bud we should leave it approximately a percentage of humidity of 30%, because in the later curation the bud is also going to lose some water.

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Just by holding the buds you will know if they have dried too much. You will notice that they are now smaller (up to here everything is normal, the water takes up space). But if you notice that they are cracking, you have overdried it. Yes, fatal mistake, but you can still fix it, at least a little bit.

How? Very simple, give them moisture. For example, with boxes that include a controller to correct excess dryness. Let’s not fool ourselves, the result will never be as good as getting it right the first time. But at least we will get out of trouble.

Surely your question now is: when do I know when the buds are dry enough? Let’s find out.

How long does marijuana take to dry?

No hurry, this is more or less the summary of what you are about to read. First of all, let’s rule out a time of less than ten days. Also, size, in this case, matters. Bigger buds will need more days. But what is the definitive test that tells me that the marijuana has already dried?

If when you grab the stem you are able to bend it without any problems and you see that it makes the slightest crackle, the time has come. Yes, it is as simple as that.

How to cure marijuana buds

We already know that this is the point where we need to extract the chlorophyll from the buds, but there is another key that we haven’t discussed yet that also depends on this process.

Both terpenes and cannabinoids have to mature during the curing process. What does this mean? Well, it means that part of the THC that we currently have in an acid state becomes a purely psychoactive component during the practice that we are going to explain to you right now:

First of all, remember that we have to remain in the dark. Yes, we already said it at the beginning, but just in case. You must keep the buds in jars of a considerable size and with a fairly wide opening. For example, the typical glass jars that we use for preserves.

But if you go for the perfection, try curing your crop in a wooden box. Why this material? Very easy: it absorbs humidity perfectly and creates an ideal climate. Surely, if we talk about flavor, plastic concentrates it better. But to achieve this goal we will store the marijuana in containers of this material once we have finished with this process. All in good time!

In the curing process patience is still the key: most say that this stage takes a month, but if we extend the period up to two months, from Delicious Seeds we assure you that you will notice it.

You have to fill the jar to cover a little more than ¾ parts, close it tightly and open it momentarily as the days go by. During the first week we will open it once or even twice a day, in the second week we will repeat the process three times (in a staggered way), do not open it three times in the same day! And from here on, only once a week.

It is not just a matter of ventilating them, but also of keeping an eye on them. If you see any mildew, remove the bud quickly so that the humidity does not spread.

The main mistake: Using tricks to finish sooner

We don’t really want to hear about the tricks to speed up the processes we just explained, mostly because these have become the most common mistakes. During the drying process, focus on looking for the best place, once you have it, forget about gadgets to remove moisture faster. Neither ventilators, nor dehumidifiers.

In the same way, do not lock the buds before time. The drying of the marijuana must be done in the open air. We can continue with infinite advice, but until we start with the process, we don’t know anything 100%.

And if you have any other questions or need any advice, you know that from Delicious Seeds we are at your disposal.