Canadian Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews

5 Best Canadian Seed Banks – Unbiased Opinion With almost 20 years of experience in the cannabis profession, David is your ticket to high quality grows! Popular Strains of 2022: When Are you looking for the top 10 best Canadian seed banks? Here's a list of top marijuana seed banks in Canada, explore details you need! Cannabis Seeds Canada: Rules, Regulations & Best Local Seed Banks On October 17, 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. For many, this legalization has been an

5 Best Canadian Seed Banks – Unbiased Opinion

With almost 20 years of experience in the cannabis profession, David is your ticket to high quality grows!

Popular Strains of 2022:

When you’re setting out to buy seeds from a Canadian cannabis seed bank, you’ll find yourself asking – which one do I choose? Rather than just choosing the first Canadian seed bank that offers the strain you’d like to grow, there are other factors you should consider. Like, the seed company’s reputation, shipping policy, guarantees, and of course, quality, too. To save you the time from researching a plethora of Canadian seed bank reviews – we’ve summarized the top 5 Canadian seed companies and the most important things to know about each.

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Top 5 Canadian Seed Banks At A Quick Glance:

Without further adieu, here are our picks for the top canadian seed bank to order cannabis seeds from, Canada edition.

1. Crop King Seeds

Coming in 1st on our list of the best canadian seed banks is Crop King Seeds! CKS is first on our list for good reason. They are definitely one of the best seed banks in Canada, and they are my personal go to! If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds online, CKS is here to help!

This Canadian seed bank is one of the most popular amongst home growers in the country. Crop King Seeds reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the site ensures they live up to their reputation. The Canadian cannabis seed company offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including autoflowering versions of your favorite strains, CBD seeds, regular and feminized seeds, too. Overall Crop King Seeds seed bank will always be on the top of my list for best Canadian seed banks with amazing cannabis seeds, find out why below.

In addition to the classics, one thing that sets Crop King Seeds apart from other Canadian seed banks is their dedication to offering new marijuana strains. If you’re all about growing the next best thing, or trying something new – then choosing Crop King Seeds for sale, is for you. Their web site is one of the easiest to navigate, and is overall highly user-friendly. In fact, they even differentiate cannabis strains that are ‘fast versions’ or fast to flower, for those growers seeking a non-autoflower variety, that harvests quickly. So if you’re looking for early finishing strains, definitely check out CKS!

What adds to the robust nature of this seed bank collection versus other best Canadian seed companies, is their long-standing history in the industry. Crop King Seeds was established in 2005, and has been perfecting their cannabis seeds genetics for recreational and medical consumers since then. Including, the improvement process of breeding to enhance THC levels in certain strains, and maximizing yields. Meaning, you’ll get a big bang for your buck with any cannabis seed you choose from Crop King Seeds.

When purchasing something as sensitive and important as cannabis seeds, you’ll also want to double-check how customer service handles inquires and requests. Luckily, with this seed bank their just as in-tune to their customer’s needs, as they are the quality of their seeds. The company’s customer service department is available 24/7 and is easily accessible via the chat function on their web site. The customer service alone will make it the best Canadian seed bank around!

Shipping Policy:

Next, we’ll break down the highlights of Crop King Seed’s shipping, payments and special offers.

Crop King Seeds isn’t just for Canadian growers, as they ship internationally too. They offer free marijuana seeds shipping for all orders over $200 which is uncommon for Canadian seed banks, with the following stipulations or fees for specific locations –

  • $20 or $40 Express Registered with Tracking Guaranteed Delivery with insurance, depending on country of destination.
  • 2 – 7 business days within North America.
  • No Signature Required
  • Importing cannabis seeds to some countries can be difficult. Approximately 5% of orders are seized.
  • Choosing the $20 or $40 Express shipping option guarantees delivery of your order.
  • Express shipments take 2-5 days for delivery

We’d definitely recommend the express shipping option, that comes along with the delivery guarantee. With the exemplary customer service that Crop King Seeds has to offer, they’re almost always willing to make any error, right.

Payment Options:

All the prices listed on Crop King Seeds’ website are in US dollars. If you’re in Canada, the Canadian dollar will be converted upon checkout. As for payment types, the site accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Prepaid Visa, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle and Interac E-Transfers for Canadians Only. If you’re looking for a more obscure payment method, this will be the best Canadian seed bank for you since they are very open to using additional payment methods for cannabis seeds.

Special Offers:

Beyond their wide selection of seed types and varieties, Crop King Seeds also offers a cannabis seed mix bag for those who are indecisive or like surprises. Their mixed pack of cannabis seeds comes with a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid types, in autoflowering and feminized versions. Their seed guarantee, also guarantees germination for those less confident with their skills.

2. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank is an up and coming Canadian cannabis seed company that’s been on the market now since 2013. They specialize in seeds that will thrive in North American climates, and also offer a variety of species types, too. Including a robust line of autoflowering varieties, feminized, CBD, and marijuana seeds best-suited for outdoor growth. The website’s easy to navigate categories make it simple for any level of skill grower, to choose which is best for them. They are also the sister company of Toronto Cannabis Seeds who are another highly reputable seed bank! Overall they are a great choice of Canadian seed bank.

Their best-selling strains include some Canadian classics like Bruce Banner, and Amnesia Haze. Not only does Quebec Cannabis Seeds offer their own line of genetics and seeds, but offer the ability to purchase from other breeders, as well. Including Bomb Seeds, and Next Generation Marijuana Seeds. In addition to offering legendary strains with autoflowering genetics, the site also offers ‘Fast Version’ genetics of strains that will flower more quickly than regular varieties, with regular sized yields.

One drawback to the Canadian cannabis seed company, is their web site is lesser quality than other Canadian seed banks. Even though you can find everything easily, their descriptions and general information is sparingly in comparison. Fortunately, Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank does now offer automated support that pops up in your web browser, for questions you may have.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is so confident with their cannabis seeds quality, that they also offer a germination guarantee and will replace any marijuana seeds that don’t germinate properly. Plus, they take their discrete delivery to a whole new level, especially for international customers. Instead of just shipping their packages in discrete boxes, they take an extra step at adding random items to the package in case they’re flagged or searched for any reason. For instance, if you’re in the US you may open your package to find a random birthday card, or DVD as extra protection and assurance.

Here’s a quick summary of how Quebec Cannabis Seeds stands out, in the most important factors for consideration.

Shipping Policy:

When considering overall prices, consider the flat rate and affordable $10 shipping rate that Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank has to offer. Other upgraded options are available, but you’ll have to directly inquire to take advantage. For the low cost, their shipping times can be lengthy in some areas. That being said, if you’re looking to save on the shipping costs, this might not be a bad choice of seed bank. The site’s shipping estimates per location are –

  • Canada – 5 to 7 days depending on region. Remote locations can take up to 9 days.
  • USA – up to 2 weeks
  • International – 2 to 3 weeks

No signature is required for shipping, and their packaging guarantees freshness no matter the climate or season.

Payment Options:

The web site requires you to make an account to make a purchase, and accepts Mastercard and Visa as their primary source of payment for their marijuana seeds. If you’re hoping to make your payment with some other method, we recommend contacting customer service for assistance.

Special Offers:

Not sure which seed to choose? No worries, Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers a mix pack of all of their varieties. You can get a mixed bag of autoflowering, CBD, feminized, fast version or summer-specific marijuana seeds. Another unique offering is bulk pricing for specific strains, for those looking to save on larger quantities.

3. Beaver Seeds

Coming in at 3rd on your best Canadian seed banks list is Beaver Seeds! Beaver Seeds seed bank is a lesser-known seed retailer, that has a surprisingly long history in the industry. The Canadian seed bank has been in business since 2009, and stays in business by offering the best of the best. In addition to the quality of their genetics, Beaver Seeds offers customer perks like free (and fast) shipping for orders over $200, high germination rates, and reliable and dependable customer service to answer questions when they arise. Plus – if you’re into aesthetics, their newly designed seed packs and graphics are a pretty cool addition, featuring the hip Beaver himself.

Rather than exploring the internet to review Canada seed bank reviews, Beaver Seeds uniquely implements TrustPilot reviews onto their site. Using TrustPilot as a third-party reviewer, means they can’t delete the bad reviews at their discretion, delivering ultimate transparency to their customers. This definitely helps to give you an authentic feel for this seed bank. Each strain and seed variety has a review tab, giving you a sneak peak into the quality and actual growth of the genetics that Beaver Seeds sells.

Beaver Seeds has a wide selection of regular varieties, autoflowering versions, high CBD strains, feminized seeds, and ‘fast version’ seeds too. Their collection includes the most popular and notorious strains in the industry, like Gorilla Glue, Headband and AK-47, but also has newer strains that are just beginning to trend. However, unlike other Canadian seed banks, you won’t be able to purchase a mixed bag option of random seeds at Beaver Seeds.

Next, we’ll cover the most important things to know in regards to shipping, payments and special offers that Beaver Seeds delivers to its cultivating customers.

Shipping Policy:

Beaver Seeds is highly discrete with their delivery, also including random objects in the package for extra concealment. While they ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment, exact shipping times will vary from location to location. For the most part, they estimate orders in Canada to arrive in 2-5 days, and 7-25 days internationally due to clearing customs. The Canadian seed bank does offer guarantees for delivery, with insurance tracking at an additional cost of $20 or $40 (depending on your location).

Payment Options:

If you’re planning to pay for your cannabis seeds with cash, then Beaver Seeds is the top cannabis seed bank to choose. The company is one of the very few seed banks that still accept cash as payment, due to privacy and discretion concerns that their customers may have. For Canadian customers, Beaver Seeds also accepts EMT, and Interac, while international customers have Bitcoin, Visa and Mastercard as payment options.

To make payment concerns even easier, Beaver Seeds offers a helpful ‘How to Order’ page to ensure your questions are answered. Keep in mind, all prices listed are US, and will be converted to Canadian currency upon checking out.

Special Offers:

Beaver Seeds treats its customers with free cannabis seeds, if they reach a certain threshold. So, if you add up to $420 to your seed cart, you’ll get your choice of 10 free marijuana seeds with your package. All you have to do is call Beaver Seeds, to make your selection.

4. MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada is another reliable and trusted Canadian cannabis seed company, that’s been around since 2009. The brand has been featured in magazines like High Times, and 420 Magazine for its exemplary quality and overall healthy growth. The Canada Seed Bank is locally owned, with its primary location situated in Vancouver, Canada.

The Canada seed bank known as MJ Seeds has one of the biggest collections of varied strains, and their web site makes it easy to navigate and find just what you’re looking for. You can find marijuana seeds categorized by autoflowering, regular, feminized, auto CBD, high CBD, fast version and fast version CBD, too. Not to mention, they add further identifications of seed types with those recommended for indoor growing, outdoor growing, or strains that fair well in both.

What truly sets MJ Seeds Canada apart from others is the special seed strains they offer, and the most popular genetics they always have in stock too. So, if you’re searching for something unique like ‘Malawi Gold’ or classic like ‘White Widow’ you’ll be able to find it easily on the Canadian seed company’s website. The MJ Seeds web site also has a chat option to further help you with your purchase, or the decision on what type of seed is best for you.

Their blog is chock-full of helpful information for questions on international shipping, successful germination and other beneficial tips. Like other sites, you can also review real-users takes on the marijuana seeds with their site review too, too.

As for how MJ Seeds Canada ranks versus other Canadian cannabis seed banks, here’s what we found as for their shipping and payment policies, and special offers which are eerily similar to that of Beaver Seeds.

Shipping Policy:

MJ Seeds offers free shipping with orders of $200+ and prioritizes discrete shipping. Orders outside of the US are typically wrapped in birthday cards, while other regions may have other random items included to conceal the cannabis seeds. While the company does note that 5-10% of orders are seized by customs going into other countries, if you choose the guaranteed delivery option they will reship the order, in the case of a loss. Guaranteed shipping options will cost an extra $20-$40 for the additional assurance, but come with insurance and tracking, too. For the most part, expect your package to arrive 7-21 days from purchasing.

Payment Options:

Another good thing about MJ Seeds is their flexibility for payment. The Canadian seed bank accepts cash and money orders via mail, as well as Interac e-transfers for Canadian customers, and Paypal, too. Not to mention, the site also accepts Visa, Mastercard, payment transfers and Bitcoin payments. Their customer service team is willing to work with any payment type, as long as you send a message or contact them to arrange.

Special Offers:

When you spend $420 with your order, you’ll receive 10 free seeds from MJ Seeds. Considering that 10 marijuana seeds can turn into 10 fully mature cannabis plants – that’s quite the special offer to take up.

5. True North Seed Bank

Right off the bat, True North Seed Bank has a sleek website that gives the appearance of high-quality products and a wide selection of goods. But, does their service hold true? For the most part, yes – True North Seed Bank is a trusted Canadian cannabis seed bank that’s somewhat new to the market and still working out some early-on kinks in their system.

Located in Toronto, True North Seed Bank is one of the newest Canadian seed banks we’ve included on our top 5 list. The international supplier prides themselves on supplying reliable, old-school strains that are stable and strong phenotypes. On top of offering the strains you’re most familiar with, True North stays on the cutting edge of the latest in cannabis genetics. By offering a wide range of new hybrids, amongst their proven landrace, sativa and indica strains.

Like other Canadian seed companies, True North offers a variety of seed types – like autoflowering, high CBD, high THC, feminized, regular, etc. But, they also allow their customers to filter and define their searches, to find exactly the type of seed that will suit them or their operation best. For instance, their ‘cultivation tab’ sorts seeds by greenhouse, outdoor, indoor, short heights, quick flowering, high yielders and more.

Also unique, is their inclusion and re-selling of other cannabis seed banks. True North keeps well-known breeder’s seeds in stock, like Ace Seeds, FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, Emerald Triangle, DJ Short, and more. Although, this will make your search even harder to define, having the extra options is never a bad thing. Another unique trait of True North Seed Bank is their bulk pricing option, for 100 or 1000 packs of marijuana seeds. True North Seed Bank is striving to become the best canadian seed bank available, but they still have a little bit of improvement before they reach that level.

As our last hurrah, here’s the breakdown of True North’s standard policies as far as shipping, payments, and special offers go for growers.

Shipping Policy:

True North has shipping distribution centers in the UK, and in Canada, extending their global reach for shipments. Every region is assigned a flat shipping fee, no matter the amount that’s ordered making it more simple for customers to figure out, too. To add extra assurance, at check-out, US and Canadian customers can also choose to pay an additional fee for insurance on their shipment. This means, if the package doesn’t arrive, True North will re-ship it for free.

One drawback to True North Seed bank is their stealthy shipping is not as ‘automatic’ as other vendors. You’ll have to specially request to have the original packaging removed, and they recommend adding an extra accessory or t-shirt item to your cart to serve as your own purchased extra discretion. The site even goes to say that this is ‘strongly recommended’ for customers in the US and Austrailia.

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Payment Options:

The most important thing to know about payments at True North, is their 7.5% processing fee for Visa or Mastercard transactions. They offer payments online, or over the phone and alert their customers to ensure their card is set for international payments, for the transaction to go through properly. If you’re not using a debit or credit card, True North does accept cash payments, international money orders, Bitcoin, bank transfers (with a fee) and e-transfers for Canadian customers, only. To help decipher which payment option is best, their website does have a handy ‘Payment’ site that answers any question you may have.

Special Offers:

By signing up for True North’s e-mail newsletter, you’ll get an automatic 30% off your first purchase. Which is enough to get a lot of customers through the door. By signing up for e-mails you’re also allotted the chance at winning $100 worth of free marijuana seeds every month, sweetening the deal even further.

Final Thoughts on Canadian Seed Banks:

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Canadian seed bank reviews! While there’s a wide range of factors that can affect the success of your cannabis crops – it all starts from a cannabis seed. So, you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing the best Canadian cannabis seed bank, that offers the specific preferences you desire. Whether you prioritize shipping times, quality, price, reputation, or history – now, you know the tea on the top 5 best Canadian seed banks. Bookmark this seed bank guide, or keep it handy for the next time you’re in the market for buying marijuana seeds, to decipher which Canadian seed company is best for you.

Honorable Mentions:

BC Bud Depot: I personally haven’t used BC Bud Depot so I didn’t think it was right to include them on the list. I’ll be testing BC Bud Depot in the next few weeks and I’ll add my review at that point!

Toronto Cannabis Seeds: They’re a sister company to Quebec Cannabis Seeds, who is very highly rated. I personally haven’t used Toronto Cannabis Seeds, but I’ll try them shortly and give my review.

Top 10+ Best Canadian Seed Banks Review in 2022

After the latest legislation changes, buying cannabis seeds in Canada is legal.

And since legalization, the cannabis industry has emerged so well that there have been thousands of marijuana dispensaries and seed banks in the country.

Therefore, choosing the best seed bank for top-quality marijuana seeds becomes tricky.

But, now, no worries!

We have come up with a top 11 Canadian seed banks list that is 100% legit and ensures they keep the top-notch weed seeds.

Here is a quick tip:

When I think of the best Canadian seed bank, the only seed bank which comes into my mind is the Crop King Seed bank. They are the most reliable and trustworthy. Visit Official website:

Let’s find out the perfect seed bank for your weed garden:

Top 11 Best Canadian Seed Banks Of 2022 [No. 1 Is The Best]

Filtering out with various parameters, these are the top 11 best Canadian seed banks of 2022.

Therefore, you can pick any of these to buy high-quality cannabis seeds and take your weed gardening journey to the next level.

#11. True North Seed Bank – Get 100% Fresh Cannabis Seeds In Canada

Shipping Time To Canada: 5 to 14 working days

True North Seed Bank is one of the most reliable and trustworthy Canadian seed banks in 2022.

With years of selling high-quality seeds to growers in Canada, TNSB has become one of the first choices of growers.

True North Seed Bank has an inventory of many breeders and seed banks worldwide that sell premium quality seeds.

And the best part about buying cannabis seeds from TNSB is that you can always choose to buy cannabis seeds online from your favorite breeder.

Additionally, you always get some promotional deals and offers to go in the store. That means you can buy marijuana seeds at a low price at True North Seed Bank.

Coming to their inventory, they have various other f weed seeds, from feminized, autos, regular, sex type to color, indoor, outdoor, and even new arrivals in the market. You will find almost all varieties here.

However, if you are a commercial grower or growing marijuana professionally, I recommend buying from their bulk section.

You will find some top-shelf weed seeds at very reasonable pricing.

What’s good:

  • One of the most reliable re-sellers in Canada
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Excellent support
  • Regular offers, promotions, and clearance sales

What’s bad:

  • No germination guarantee
  • TNSB does not have their cannabis seed strains

Popular Seeds Of True North Seed Bank:

  • The Limited Edition Kanuk Puk 2.0
  • Ak-48 Feminized Seeds
  • Blue Widow Feminized Seeds

Summing up, TNSB is one of the best cannabis seed banks selling top-quality seeds from various breeders and seed banks worldwide.

Therefore, if you cannot buy cannabis seeds from your favorite breeder, you must check this seed bank. You will surely find most of your favorite strains even at low prices.

#10. Mary Jane’s Garden – Limited But Premium Cannabis Seed Seller

Shipping Time To Canada: 1 to 3 weeks

Whether you want to buy regular marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds, feminized, or any other variety, Mary Jane’s Garden has all the popular strains.

However, their inventory has limited marijuana strains only.

If you need a large stock and a variety of marijuana seeds, you must check out Crop King Seeds or Seedsman.

Mary Jane’s Garden offers worldwide shipping with a 90% delivery success rate.

However, this seed bank is established in Canada and easily delivers most of its orders within 1 to 3 weeks.

Although I didn’t like their website as much. It lacks information and details, along with some improvements in UI.

Considering their seed stock and services, I would rate them 7 out of 10.

What’s good:

  • Popular strains and premium quality genetics
  • A decent variety of strains is available
  • Reasonable pricing

What’s bad:

  • Average website
  • Average customer support

Popular Seeds Of Mary Jane’s Garden:

  • California Orange
  • Blueberry Diesel
  • Diamond Kush

Mary Jane’s Garden is an average seed bank, but its seed quality is very impressive.

They have one of the popular strains inventory which you must check out if you want to grow only premium strains.

The best part is that this seed bank gives you reasonable pricing.

#9. BC Bud Depot – One Of The Popular Seed Banks In Canada

Shipping Time To Canada: 3-7 working days

Since 2004, BC Bud Depot has been one of the popular seed banks in Canada.

It has a stock of multiple awards, including Canadian cannabis awards. Therefore, all of their strains are of premium quality.

BC Bud Depot has a stock of almost all varieties a grower might need. Therefore, it is your one-stop destination for your weed seeds needs.

BC Bud Depot offers stealth shipping even in Canada. Therefore, no one will get to know what you have ordered except you.

Also, placing an order at BC Bud Depot is quite easy.

Apart from the appealing interface and smooth navigation, you get a lot of payment options to place your order on the virtual store.

Place your order with Visa, Mastercard, Cash, and even Bitcoin. Therefore, placing orders online has never been that easy.

After successful payment, your seeds are ready for shipment and shipped within 3 to 7 working days.

You can expect up to 15 working days to deliver your seeds.

One thing that I didn’t like at BC Bud Depot is their no refund or return policy.

However, you get claims for the orders seized, lost, or not delivered for any reason.

The plus point of ordering seeds at BC Bud Depot is that you get excellent support from their backend team.

If you get any queries, just reach out to the customer service team of BC Bud Depot. Their fast, responsive, and friendly team will help you solve your queries.

What’s good:

  • Known for having a stock of award-winning strains
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • Excellent customer support
  • Helpful blog for growing marijuana
  • Affordable pricing

What’s bad:

  • No germination guarantee
  • Not many offers or discounts

Popular Seeds Of BC Bud Depot:

  • BC God Bud regular Seeds
  • Tangie Cookies regular seeds
  • Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Buy weed seeds from BC Bud Depot if you want stealth shipping, affordable pricing, and award-winning cannabis seeds.

From their finest quality seeds to impressive services, you will have a great experience buying marijuana seeds in Canada.

#8. Herbies Seeds – Seed Bank That Provides 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Shipping Time To Canada: 24 to 48 hours (one of the fastest)

Herbies Seeds is one of the worldwide popular seed banks.

Whether you want male seeds, female seeds, autoflower seeds, feminized, high CBD, or any other variety, you will find almost every marijuana strain at Herbies Seeds.

The best part is that Herbies Seeds is one of the seed banks that does not offer a germination guarantee but can replace the seeds if they fail to sprout.

However, to claim the same, you must follow their guidelines, which you can read on the official website.

Further, Herbies Seeds give you a lot of offers and deals.

Even now, they offer up to 35% off on certain strains. Similarly, you will find tons of deals that will make you get premium seeds at a low cost.

Herbies Seeds ensures a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase you make through their shop.

And above that, free cannabis seeds with every purchase work as a cherry on the top.

Further, Herbies Seeds offer worldwide stealth shipping with faster delivery times. However, remote locations usually take more time for the delivery.

Apart from this, the customer support team at Herbies Seeds is quite friendly, supportive, and helpful.

You can reach out to their backend team via e-mail or phone, and their superfast team will instantly solve your query.

No doubt why they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

What’s good:

  • One of the most reputed and reliable seed banks
  • Top-shelf weed seeds
  • A very large variety of seeds
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 4.81/5.0 rating with 1400+ reviews
  • Free seed with every 20 Euros spent
  • Guaranteed delivery

What’s bad:

  • Guaranteed delivery costs more
  • Premium seeds are costly

Popular Seeds Of Herbies Seeds:

  • Grandmommy Purple
  • Apple Betty
  • Godzilla Cookies Auto

Overall, Herbies Seeds is a fantastic online seed bank for buying a lot of marijuana seeds.

Whether you choose from a seeds collection or according to your favorite breeder, you will have one of the wonderful harvests of your life with Herbies Seeds.

Buy Herbies Seeds right now and watch the magic in your weed garden through your eyes!

#7. Beaver Seeds – One Of The Newest Canadian Seed Bank

Shipping Time To Canada: around 7 days

Relatively new to the cannabis industry, Beaver Seeds is one of the great options for buying cannabis seeds in Canada.

With a decent selection of seeds, Beaver Seeds give you a lot of varieties in feminized, auto, regular, and high CBD seeds.

The pricing at the virtual store is affordable so that even a novice grower with a low budget can also afford the high-quality marijuana seeds.

Concerning customer support, Beaver Seeds has done an excellent job.

They have multiple ways to help their customers, from phone numbers to chat support.

However, very little information is available about Beaver Seeds on its website.

But it is a 100% legit and reliable seed bank with a decent rating.

Even the store has got a few ratings over Trustpilot, too.

The good part that may appeal to some growers is that Beaver Seeds sells marijuana seeds under its branding.

And therefore, it does not re-sell seeds of other brands.

However, this feature of Beaver Seeds may or may not appeal to some growers.

But the best part is that Beaver Seeds offers some quality seeds at affordable rates with great customer support, which makes it one of the great options to buy weed seeds in Canada.

What’s good:

  • Decent seed selection
  • Some premium strains are available
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Online chat and phone support are available

What’s bad:

  • Not much information available about the store
  • Average rating on Trustpilot

Popular Seeds Of Beaver Seeds:

  • Candy Jack Feminized
  • Afghan Chocolope
  • Cali Kush Feminized

Choose Beaver Seeds to get your hands on some rare and exotic marijuana strains.

This online seed bank has some limited yet unique and popular strains for making its inventory.

However, giving excellent customer support is the best part about this Canadian seed bank.

#6. Sensi Seed Bank – One Of The Most Premium Cannabis Brands

Shipping Time To Canada: 5-15 working days

If you are a true marijuana lover, you must have already heard this name – Sensi Seeds.

It is one of the premium quality marijuana sellers.

However, veteran stoners already know Sensi Seeds for introducing one of the most legendary cannabis strains – Northern Lights.

Additionally, Sensi Seeds has your back strongly if you need the best auto-flowering, feminized CBD, regular seeds, or anything else.

Indeed it is one of the best seed banks around the world.

On top of that is the brand that has been in the cannabis industry for over 37 years.

Since 1985, Sensi Seeds has been shining like a gem. All thanks to the premium seed quality and fantastic services that it offers.

Apart from this, ordering weed seeds at Sensi Seeds is easy. Thanks to the appealing UI.

Place your order quickly with Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and cash. However, cash is not recommended becuase it involves a huge risk, especially if you are re-ordering internationally.

Moreover, Sensi Seeds has an average shipping time of 5 to 15 working days. However, it delivers orders within that time frame.

The best part of buying cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds is getting one of the highest quality marijuana seeds at the most affordable price.

However, you need to adjust their shipping and delivery time.

What’s good:

  • Premium quality cannabis seeds
  • Fast delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • 4/5 shop rating
  • Get new strains

What’s bad:

  • Not regular offers
  • No bitcoin payment method accepted

Popular Seeds Of Sensi Seed Bank:

  • Northern Lights Feminized Seeds
  • Skunk #1
  • Jack Herer

Sensi Seeds is one of the reputed names among marijuana growers.

With multiple physical branches, Sensi Seeds offer premium weed seeds directly from Amsterdam.

And therefore, if you also want to try the classic premium weed, you must buy it from Sensi Seeds.

#5. Sonoma Seeds – One Of The Best West Coast Cannabis Seed Banks

Shipping Time To Canada: 3-5 working days

Want a seed store that can offer great deals on premium weed seeds?

Buy weed seeds from Sonoma Seeds!

They have got some mouth-dropping rates over premium strains of marijuana. However, they don’t have many offers on their website, but they make sure you get reasonable pricing.

On top of that, get shipping within 3-5 working days in Canada, while Sonoma Seeds also discreetly ships worldwide.

You can avoid minimal shipping costs by ordering for more than $200 at Sonoma Seeds.

Coming to the quality of seeds then, Sonoma Seeds has one of the finest genetics, which is why they offer an 80% germination rate.

Got queries for your seeds?

Just reach out to their backend team. One plus point at Sonoma Seeds is that they have premium support for their buyers.

Your online weed seeds buying experience improves drastically with a fast and reliable backend team.

Sonoma Seeds have got 500+ marijuana strains to choose from. Just access their catalog and buy your favorite seeds.

What’s good:

  • 10 free cannabis seeds with an order above $420
  • Free shipping over $200 order
  • Premium cannabis seeds for sale
  • 80% germination rate
  • Fast and reliable support

What’s bad:

  • Average website
  • Not many offers available

Popular Seeds Of Sonoma Seeds:

  • Acapulco Gold Feminized marijuana seeds
  • Purple Kush autoflowering seeds
  • Bubblegum Hybrid

In short, Sonoma Seeds is one of the favorite choices of newbie growers because you get a lot of regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds at affordable prices.

And the premium support, shipping, and delivery services at Sonoma Seeds make it one of the best Canadian seed banks than other new stores in the market.

#4. Montreal Seed Bank – One Of The Best Cannabis Strains For Sale In Canada

Shipping Time To Canada: 2 to 7 working days

Want to buy some of the best cannabis strains in Canada?

Visit Montreal Cannabis Seeds!

Within 5 years in the cannabis industry, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been selling one of the finest marijuana genetics to the growers.

However, they sell it for genetic preservation souvenirs only.

But, they have some of the finest marijuana seeds you can grow in your garden if your local state or regional law allows for the same.

You can choose among autoflower, feminized, CBD, outdoors, mix pack, and some fast version strains.

Montreal Cannabis seeds also have their cannabis variety lineup and some other seed breeders.

Therefore, you can choose according to your need and favorite breeder among them.

Further, this online seed bank ships 24 hours with Canada post, but it might take around 7 days (maximum) to arrive at your location.

However, on average, the delivery happens within 4-5 business days.

You can reach out to their customer support team in case of your order, delivery time, or strain questions.

You can reach out to their backend team through phone calls and e-mail. You can get a response within 24 working hours.

Their backend team is fast, responsive, and quick. Therefore, all in all, you get a wonderful experience from Montreal Seed Bank.

What’s good:

What’s bad:

Bestseller Seeds Of Montreal Seed Bank:

  • Purple Kush Feminized
  • Bruce Banner Feminized
  • Auto Mix Pack Feminized

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed by many seed strains, visit Montreal Seed Bank. They have only 100+ products, but all are of premium quality.

With easy payment and faster shipping, you get one of the best experiences of buying cannabis seeds online in Canada with Montreal Seed Bank.

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#3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – One Of The Best Canadian Seed Banks

Shipping Time To Canada: 2 to 4 business days with Canada express shipment costing an extra $20 from your order

This seed bank is located in Quebec and has been one of the best Canadian seed banks selling top-notch marijuana seeds since 2013.

Whether you are looking for autos, feminized seeds, CBD, regular, mixed packs, bulk, fast version, limited edition, or even specific marijuana seeds for North America’s harsh climate, this online seed bank has your back.

The best part of ordering weed seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds is getting your orders early.

Therefore, apart from selling the best cannabis seeds, QCS also ships orders quickly becuase it only ships to the Canada and USA countries.

Orders, once placed, are dispatched the same day or within the next 24 working hours, and shipment is done within 2 to 7 business days.

However, you can make this process faster by choosing the express option costing $20. You also get a tracking number, so keep an eye on your package.

Moreover, the pricing at QCS is very affordable. Therefore, any marijuana grower with a low budget can afford their seeds.

Some of the seed strains cost less than $10 at QCS.

Further, the seeds of QCS do not come with a germination guarantee but ensure that they give you the best harvest every time.

And if you are a commercial grower, you can also buy marijuana seeds in bulk at QCS, which will cost you less and ensure good quality.

What’s good:

  • Faster shipping to the Canadian buyers
  • High-quality marijuana seeds
  • Purchase seeds at a low price in bulk deals
  • Excellent customer support
  • Limited editions of weed seeds are available

What’s bad:

  • No germination guarantee
  • Free seeds only with orders above $150

Best Seller Seeds Of Quebec Cannabis Seeds:

  • Quebec Gold 2.0 Feminized
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Ak-47 Feminized

Get high-quality marijuana seeds quickly in Canada with faster shipping, reliable customer support, and a brand you can trust.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds can be your next favorite seed bank once you sow their seeds and get a bountiful harvest.

#2. Seedsman – Seed Bank With One Of Largest Stock Of Marijuana Seeds

Shipping Time To Canada: 5-15 working days

Established in 2002, Seedsman is one of the best Canadian seed banks for newbies and professional growers.

Seedsman stocks thousands of strains in its stock, which is why growers also call Seedsman ‘Amazon of weed seeds’.

Also, Seedsman has over 100+ breeders in contact; therefore, you can buy according to your favorite breeder.

Seedsman offers a very affordable price range for all marijuana seeds. Therefore, even newbie growers with a limited budget can also afford to buy top-notch seeds from here.

Choose from regular, autoflowering, feminized, best indoor, best outdoor, high THC, low THC, high CBD, new seeds, award winners, popular strains, seeds under 10 Euros, or even according to your favorite breeder.

That means for growing cannabis, first visit You are more likely to find your favorite weed seeds here.

Further, the quality of marijuana seeds at Seedsman is excellent. They have only the high-quality marijuana seeds from the world’s finest breeders.

Additionally, Seedsman offers a variety of payment methods, ensuring you get the most convenient experience of buying cannabis seeds online.

Shipping services at Seedsman are decent. They ship within a week across the world. And therefore, the delivery time might vary depending upon your location.

However, for Canadian buyers, Seedsman usually delivers orders within 15 working days.

What’s good:

  • One of the largest seed stock
  • Budget price
  • High-quality seeds
  • A lot of payment options
  • Selling weed seeds since 2003
  • One of the most popular seed banks
  • Offer free seeds

What’s bad:

  • No germination guarantee
  • Delivery time might vary

Best Seeds From Seedsman:

  • Jack 47 Feminized Seeds
  • Blue Dream Feminized Seeds
  • Liberty Haze Feminized Seeds

Seedsman is one of the best seed banks in the world.

Seedsman is known for their quality genetics; therefore, experienced growers highly recommend seedsman cannabis strains.

To grow beautiful cannabis plants, you need a quality cannabis seed which Seedsman provides the best.

And the best part is that you don’t have to stress your growing marijuana budget.

#1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice

Shipping Time To Canada: 2 to 5 working days with express shipping (fastest)

Crop King Seeds is the no.1 Canadian seed bank in our list.

The seed bank has been most trusted by growers worldwide. Thanks to their high-quality cannabis seeds.

Along with top-shelf quality, Crop King Seeds ensures that their seeds make up to 80% germination rate.

And for that, their manual inspection team checks for quality and various parameters before introducing any marijuana seeds to their stock.

It is why Crop King Seeds Canada has been delivering one of the finest marijuana seeds genetics to the growers in Canada.

Crop King Seeds has one of the largest seed stocks among other seed banks. Even just now, they released 500 new marijuana strains.

Whether you need autoflowering seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, regular, fast versions, CBD (medical cannabis seeds), cannabis seeds mix pack, or the new varieties that have just arrived, Crop King Seeds has got them all.

Moreover, their services are quite impressive.

With multiple payment methods, placing orders at Crop King Seeds is easy. Also, the payment page is secured to make sure your money is getting into the right hands.

Once you place your order at CKS, your order will be shipped within 2 to 7 business days with a nominal shipping charge.

However, you can avoid the shipping cost by ordering for a value of $200 or more while the delivery to your doorstep takes place instantly.

One thing that I love the most at Crop King Seeds is their customer support.

They have an excellent backend team that works fantastically to solve your doubts or issues. Just ring the phone number given on the website or e-mail them.

The backend team will hear your query within 24 working hours.

What’s good:

  • The best Canadian seed bank
  • Large seed stock
  • Unique strain packaging
  • Discreet and faster delivery to Canadian customers
  • 24/7 chat support
  • In the industry for over a decade
  • 80% germination rate
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Excellent customer support

What’s bad:

  • Free shipping to only orders above $200

Popular Seeds Of Crop King Seeds:

  • Green Crack Feminized Seeds
  • Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds
  • White Widow Feminized Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian-origin seed bank located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and this seed bank also has several physical branches.

Since 2005, CKS has been selling only the premium quality cannabis seeds that ensure whether newbie or advanced growers, every weed lover gets the maximum output from their garden.

And it is why even after 15+ years in the industry, Crop King Seeds remains one of the best Canadian seed banks.

FAQs About Canadian Seed Bank

Crop King Seeds is the best seed bank in Canada. However, Herbies Seeds, Seedsman, and Montreal Seed Bank are some of the best Canadian seed banks.

Yes, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Canada. Therefore, the cannabis industry emerged, and so did the seed banks in the country.

Crop King Seeds – the best overall Canadian seed bank that offers worldwide shipping, is the most reliable Canadian seed bank.

True North Seed Bank is located in Toronto, Canada. They are cannabis seeds resellers.

Crop King Seeds, Herbies Seeds, Montreal Seed Bank, Beaver Seeds, and many other marijuana seed banks ship to Canada.

Final Words

So finally, you know the top 11 Canadian seed banks of 2022. I recommend Crop King Seeds first and then Seedsman if you want a premium experience.

However, Herbies Seeds seed bank is also a great option as it provides a satisfaction guarantee.

But now it’s your turn. So get your finest quality weed seeds from any of these top Canadian seed banks of 2022.

In the comments, you can also tell us if we have missed any underrated seed bank.

However, if you reside within the USA, you must check the best USA seed banks for 2022.

Cannabis Seeds Canada: Rules, Regulations & Best Local Seed Banks

On October 17, 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. For many, this legalization has been an opportunity to nurture a green thumb. In addition to the recreational use of marijuana and marijuana products, growing cannabis from licensed seed or seedling is legal with a limit of four plants per residence for personal use in most places.

Getting started with growing your own cannabis begins with finding the best Canadian seed bank. That can prove difficult, as there ’ s a vast and growing market of seed banks across the country that vary in quality. To help you out, we did the research to identify some of the best Canadian seed banks out there.

The 5 Best Canadian Seed Banks that Ship to Canada

  1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice
  2. I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank – Most Reliable
  3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Selection
  4. Rocket Seeds – Best Value
  5. Sonoma Seeds – Fastest Shipping

Following our list of the best Canadian seed banks we will break down how to avoid scams and ensure that your cannabis seeds are real and of great quality.

Here is everything you need to know about the best Canadian seed banks:

1. Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Choice

  • Germination guarantee on all strains
  • All seeds are inspected, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable
  • Free shipping for orders over $200
  • Safe and secure shipping
  • Customer service available 24/7

Why Crop King Seeds is Our Top Pick

There ’ s a reason Crop King Seeds is at the top of our Best Canadian Seed Banks list. Based out of BC, Crop King Seeds has been a top quality seed distributor for over 15 years. The CKS team’s goal has always been to help growers optimize their results in harvest size and THC levels by perfecting the genetics of the cannabis plant.

Ideal for both advanced growers and beginners, Crop King Seeds searches far beyond Vancouver for the highest quality breeders and strains all over the world. Because of this legwork, they are able to offer a strain selection featuring new age hybrids and classics side by side, with variety in shape, size, and color.

They have also cultivated more than 30 unique in-house strains over time they feature for sale. Despite offering over 40 strains, Crop King Seeds is investing in developing new strains and continuously expanding their line. Thanks to all 30+ of Crop King Seeds’s in-house strains, which cannot be found anywhere else, there are some higher-end, exclusive options that you can only get here, including medicinal varieties, high CBD strains, and regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds.

Looking for a best seller? Try Blue Cookies, a high-end hybrid of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies GSC. Or if you’re looking for a great medical marijuana strain, try CBD White Widow or CB Diesel, a high CBD version of Sour Diesel.

What else makes Crop King such a great seed bank?

CKS guarantee a germination rate of at least 80%, standing by their seeds. If your package doesn’t get there they will also replace it for free—in fact, they’ll do that even if you don’t like the order you did receive.

Crop King Seeds makes it easy and quick to order cannabis seeds online. Search the site using the filters, including strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), seed type (feminized, auto-flowering, regular), and THC level, and just follow the prompts.

CKS cares a lot about privacy, and they ship even Canadian orders in unmarked envelopes. Crop King Seeds basically ships in “ stealth” mode to the rest of the world, encasing seeds inside DVD cases, pens, and other hidden places to conceal them in shipping. Crop King Seeds also does not save your payment details.

Bonus: For special news, discounts, and coupons, subscribe to the newsletter.

Payments can be made with Bitcoin, US or Canadian dollars, Visa or Mastercard.

  • Germination guarantee on all strains
  • All seeds are inspected, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable
  • Free shipping for orders over $200
  • Safe and secure shipping
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • No free shipping on smaller orders
  • Limited selection of strains

Extra perk: You ’ ll get ten free cannabis seeds that come from Canada with orders over $420.

Check out our favorite strains at CKS

2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Most Reliable

Today, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is among the most trusted sources of cannabis growing, breed, and seed knowledge online, but it began as the passion project of one guy. Expert cannabis grower Robert Bergman founded ILGM after growing and experimenting with his own strain development. After he founded ILGM in the Netherlands in 2012, it quickly grew into one of the most popular online seed banks in the world.

ILGM has now blossomed into a cannabis knowledge center for sharing growing information—both a source of expert knowledge and a beginner-friendly seed bank.

Compared to some of the gigantic seed banks out there, ILGM doesn’t actually have a huge selection, choosing to focus on quality over quantity. If you’re looking for a selection of hundreds strains you’ve never heard of before, you may have to supplement your buying elsewhere for this reason. However, ILGM still features an impressive range of popular strains, with dozens of the most loved and most popular strains on offer.

ILGM offers fast flowering, feminized, and autoflowering strains as well as regular cannabis seeds, from some exciting new hybrids to all of standards you’re used to and love. For example, ILGM offers top shelf Cheese, Bergman ’ s Gold Leaf, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, OG Kush, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, Purple Haze, White Widow, White Dream, and its own in-house Gorilla Glue and Gelato cultivars.

What do we love about ILGM?

First and foremost, the quality of the seeds. If you follow their guide , ILGM guarantees that your seeds will germinate. They will refund your money if they don’t.

We also love the ILGM knowledge base, a massive strain database and selection of guides that allows you to determine which cannabis seeds will work best for your grow. You can also get expert growing advice in the active forum.

ILGM offers excellent customer service, going way beyond the germination guarantee. They put the energy and time into responding to customer problems, both online and offline, as you can confirm via their Trustpilot reviews. ILGM will even replace what customs confiscates for free.

Bonus tips for ILGM:

Use the free ILGM Grow Bible , geared to help growers of all skill and experience levels. To learn all about the various growing techniques and cannabis strains, check out the ILGM YouTube channel.

ILGM ships to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and the EU. Shipping to the US and the EU is free. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free for orders over US $150. ILGM offers a germination guarantee on all seeds and they ’ ll replace seeds that don ’ t work if you follow their germination guide.

The ILGM seed banks accepts bitcoin, credit cards, cash, and bank transfers. For a 10 percent discount buy your seeds with Bitcoin.

  • Germination guarantee on all strains
  • Free shipping
  • Stealth delivery available
  • Great customer service
  • Smaller selection
  • Selling unbranded seeds

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Selection

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a consistent performer on most lists of the Best Canadian Seed Banks. For over 15 years, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been creating great new varieties out of Quebec, with the aim of offering higher quality cannabis and more choice.

Why do we love Quebec Cannabis Seeds?

Among the top providers of cannabis seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds works with any grower ’ s budget, offering a huge range of different seed varieties, including auto-flowering seeds, high CBD seeds, feminized varieties, and regular cannabis seeds—all the things you’d expect one of the best seed banks to carry. Quebec is also one of the few seed banks out there that actually focuses on breeding cannabis and improving genetics for well-being and medical use.

You can be sure you ’ re getting your money ’ s worth with QCS. The CBD and THC levels of these seeds is high and consistent, and their germination rate guarantee of at least 80 percent gives you further peace of mind.

You ’ ll also like the special promotions and offers they ’ re often carrying. At least a few popular varieties of seeds will typically be marked down each time you visit. Or just opt for a mixed pack of high-quality feminized seeds—or maybe the fast version.

Want a specialty seed that will grow outside—in Canada? Quebec Cannabis Seeds has you covered. Looking for something that grows fast but produces strong results and good cannabinoid levels? They ’ ve got that too.

Looking for a best seller? Quebec Cannabis Black Gold feminized seeds is an in-house favorite, or try Auto Bruce Banner feminized seeds, AK-47 feminized seeds, or that heavy-hitting Gorilla Glue—another best seller.

It ’ s fast and easy to order cannabis seeds online from Quebec Cannabis Seeds. The site is user-friendly and well-organized, and you can search by seed type (feminized, auto-flowering, regular), strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), and cannabinoid levels.

QCS stealth ships even Canadian orders, which are usually delivered in 5 to 7 days. Payments can be made with Visa or Mastercard.

  • Breeder focus on medical cannabis and strains for well-being
  • Strains selected to do well in North American climates
  • Germination guaranteed to 80 percent
  • Safe and secure shipping
  • Check out the fast version strains
  • No free shipping, flat $10 fee
  • Great customer service, but not always available

4. Rocket Seeds – Biggest Seed Selection

Rocket Seeds is a site that carries seeds from multiple different brands—including Crop King Seeds—so it offers a much bigger variety than most other seed banks. Rocket Seeds promises fair prices and top quality products with a wide range to offer.

So, what do we love about Rocket Seeds?

Variety is high. Rocket Seeds has excellent selection, offering everything each one of their brands carries. In fact, you can choose among hundreds of varieties of cannabis seeds online on the Rocket Seeds site.

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Rocket often carries limited edition strains and new hybrids that you won’t find anywhere else, and both auto-flowering seeds and photoperiodic versions of the same strain. They also carry a lot of the most well-known strains, like Acapulco Gold and White Widow.

Strains sold by Rocket Seeds are also all over the place, from many strains that are perfect for first-time growers and beginner-friendly, to many that are tougher to cultivate and rare. The site also features sections for high THC seeds and high CBD strains and information for medical marijuana growers.

Rocket Seeds does offer a germination guarantee for growers who follow their instructions, so you can have confidence in what you’re buying.

The Rocket Seeds site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. They lay out their extensive range in an organized way, which makes it easier to wade through the amazing assortment of choices. Sort to find what you need by strain type, growth characteristic, or based on other factors.

Rocket Seeds cares about your privacy, with unmarked, stealth shipping options to countries other than Canada being the default.

In Canada, you ’ ll receive your seeds from Rocket Seeds in unique strain packaging and it takes 5-7 business days in North America. Free shipping is only applied to orders over $200. Rocket Seeds accepts multiple payment methods including credit cards, bitcoin, and Paypal.

  • Sells huge variety of brands and strains
  • World wide shipping
  • Good customer support
  • No free shipping on smaller orders
  • Buying through a middle man can raise the price—sometimes, not always!

5. Sonoma Seeds – Fastest Shipping

Last but not least on our list of best Canadian seed banks is Sonoma Seeds. Sonoma Seeds is based on the West Coast and guarantees truly high-quality products.

What do we love about Sonoma Seeds?

The Sonoma Seeds site delivers a user-friendly experience. The range they offer is extensive and has the potential to be overwhelming, but they have it organized on easy-to-navigate pages in a user-friendly way. This means your job as a grower shopping is more about eliminating great options based on your specific goals, not just figuring out what will work.

We also like the fact that Sonoma Seeds gives you choices across the board. They offer many payment options, including credit cards, cash, money transfers, Interac e-transfer, and different types of cryptocurrencies. Sonoma Seeds ships to you in unmarked packages, and the seeds themselves are sent outside of retail packages.

Focus on organic growing. Sonoma Seeds emphasizes organic growing and offers relevant tips.

Although their selection is not what we would call extensive, Sonoma seeds offers a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. Their strains range from harder to cultivate and rarer to many beginner-friendly strains that are ideal for first-time growers. You will also find high THC and high CBD seeds.

The company promises safe and secure shipping, and for orders over $200 USD, that shipping is free. It takes 3 to 5 days in Canada and 7 to 14 days in the US, although you do have to pay $20 for express tracking information. Sonoma Seeds accepts money transfer, credit card, bitcoin, Interac and cash for payments.

  • Guaranteed 80% germination rate
  • Free shipping for orders $200 and over
  • Multiple payment options available
  • Extra fee for tracking
  • No guarantee of resending if seeds don ’ t germinate
  • Not as much selection

What Makes a Marijuana Seed High Quality?

The most important seed quality factor is good genetics. This matters as you shop, because less ethical breeders may cross strains randomly and sell whatever seeds they produce doing that without taking all the steps you need to ensure a reliable, stable seed.

A reputable breeder will invest their time in crossing and backcrossing plants to generate many different phenotypes. It takes much more than simply crossing female and male plants to stabilize the most desirable traits of a cannabis cultivar.

It is also critical to store and use seeds as they are intended to ensure seed quality. To avoid mold and other pathogens, store cannabis seeds frozen, or in a cool, dark place for up to 16 months. Cannabis seeds must completely mature before harvest.

How to Check Quality of Marijuana Seeds

Growing cannabis is time-consuming and expensive, so no one wants to go through the entire planting process with seeds that don’t work. In the long run, it’s much easier to learn to tell the difference between bad cannabis seeds and high quality marijuana seeds.

Always inspect how your cannabis seeds look and feel. Some quality issues are easy to detect, although others demand more experience to perceive.

Genetically superior, healthier, mature marijuana seeds have outer shells with darker, grayish colors. Cannabis seeds that are green or pale may germinate slowly, if at all, as they are still immature.

Gently feel the seeds. They should feel firm when you handle them. Ensure they don’t crack, bend, or fold under pressure when you gently squeeze the seeds between your thumb and finger—being buried in soil is similar.

Finally, always opt for fresh, mature cannabis seeds with high-quality, stable, proven genetics.

  • Color, Appearance: Avoid immature seeds that are lighter colors such as light green, yellow, and white, and choose viable brown or even black seeds instead.
  • Shape and size: Teardrop and round seeds tend to be the best quality.
  • Toughness: Look for smooth, non-cracked outer shells.
  • Age: Remember, under 16 months in proper cool, dark storage conditions is best, and avoid mold and rot.
  • Do the Float Test: Place your seeds in just enough distilled water to see whether they sink after a couple of hours. If they have sufficient bulk to sink, they usually have a better chance of germinating.

Best Cannabis Seeds Banks to Buy From Online: What Should You Look For?

Cannabis Seeds by Gender

Cannabis seeds can be either male or female. Female cannabis plants produce the seeds you need to grow, while the male plants provide fertilization. Cannabis seeds may be feminized seeds or regular seeds.

Regular seeds include both males and females, in about even numbers. This is the best choice if you want more seeds, or for cannabis breeders. But if you just want more blooming plants without the hassle, regular seeds might not be your best option.

Feminized seeds should contain only female cannabis seeds—although a few male seeds can stay behind. This is the best option if you do not like seed reproduction and you just want your seeds to grow, because the majority of the seeds are females so these types of seeds are also easier to germinate.

Cannabis Seeds by Genetics

There are several types of cannabis seeds from a genetic perspective: Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, and Hybrid seeds. Any of these types may be auto-flowering seeds, which are also a bit different genetically.

Indica seeds produce cannabis plants with thick stems, fat leaves, and shorter heights that live well in temperate zones. The buds of these plants contain high THC and CBD levels, making these strains ideal for relaxation.

Sativa seeds grow tall and big, originating in subtropical and tropical climates. Sativa cannabis strains are an excellent option for people who need a boost of energy thanks to their terpenes and high THC and THCV levels.

Hybrid seeds blend of sativa and indica genetics to produce unique cannabis strains that bring the best of both worlds together.

Auto-flowering seeds produce cannabis plants that are non-photoperiod growers. This is possible because they were created in part with Ruderalis genetics, the Cannabis Ruderalis plant demanding less light to flower.

Seed Bank Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Payment through cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Debit Cards

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the most popular payment option for buying cannabis seeds. Some seed banks even offer a bitcoin discount.

People also use other payment options including cash, although sending cash in the mail can be dangerous if you don’t use a reputable seed bank.

Can You Legally Ship Cannabis Seeds to the United States?

It is technically legal to buy cannabis seeds online and ship them to the United States if they are legal in the state or country where you’re buying them. However, importing seeds into your home state can be tricky. Be aware of your own state’s law, as the rules vary considerably.

Cannabis seeds cannot cross state lines in the US because marijuana remains illegal under federal law. This means that, although it is rare, people who transport cannabis across state lines can still get federal criminal charges against them—even when they buy and live in legal states.

If you buy cannabis seeds online and they are discovered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they will just discard them and not deliver them to you. This highlights the importance of stealth shipping and guarantees; most good seed banks will replace orders that customs discards.

The same is true of reentering the US with cannabis seeds. Even if you fly from, say, Amsterdam, or the recreational cannabis state of Oregon, CBP will seize any cannabis seeds they find because marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

How are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Different from Regular Seeds?

Because cannabis seeds have both male and female parents, any given seed might turn out to be male or female. There is no good way to tell from just inspecting a seed whether it will produce a male or female cannabis plant. In fact, the ideal time to predict a cannabis plant’s future sex is just as it starts flowering.

In general, there is a 66 percent female to male growth ratio among regular marijuana seeds, so it is safe to assume you’ll grow about half and half, male and female plants with regular cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds effectively guarantee that each germinated seed becomes a female because they are specifically bred to eliminate male chromosomes. Growers feminize seeds by treating them with colloidal silver solution, or with a germination hormone, or via rodelization, a method of fertilizing a female plant with another female past maturity.

Feminized seeds are shaped like teardrops and have a calyx structure, unlike male seeds. Many growers like feminized seeds because they don’t want to worry about pollination, and they do want to simplify the process and save space and time. Space is a concern for both hobby growers and medical marijuana growers, because most cannabis regulations limit how many plants you can grow.

Although feminized seeds guarantee a no hassle, no seed, all bud harvest every time, more experienced growers often avoid them. This is because they are less useful for breeding, containing just one set of genes.

Remember, if you are growing both males and females, aim to identify them visually early on in the flowering stage—don’t wait too long. The entire crop will be seedy once the males produce pollen. to avoid cross-pollination, retain breeding males in sealed-off places within or near the grow area.

Auto-flowering Seeds Briefly Explained (And why they are the best seeds for beginners)

Growers hoping for speed or beginners often look for autoflowering seeds. This is because they typically deliver excellent results with no light cycle management in only 10 weeks from seed to flower. This makes growing all year long possible, even for new growers.

As the seasons change in autumn the light in the sky drops to around 12 hours a day. This is when most varieties of cannabis start to flower, and why even the indoors light cycle looks like it does.

The species Cannabis ruderalis evolved in regions with far less sunlight. This native of the northern climates flowers once the plant reaches a certain age automatically, and is therefore auto-flowering. Cannabis breeders crossed certain ruderalis varieties with other strains of cannabis to develop auto-flowering seeds.

Obviously, autoflower strains start to flower right when they reach maturity. They are smaller plants overall, and they are far easier to grow, particularly outdoors. They also maximize available summer light naturally, so even after continuous light exposure, they will flower.

Autoflowering seeds are the obvious choice if speed is your goal as a grower. Throw all of these advantages together and you can push multiple auto-flowering crop harvests into the time of one typical cannabis harvest.

However, the drawback of using autoflowering seeds is that their yields are often smaller and less potent. This can be a deal-breaker, particularly for medical growers. And even if you’re just a hobby grower, potency and yield matter if you need to maximize space, and who doesn’t?

What are the laws around growing cannabis in Canada?

You may not sell the cannabis you grow at home to others.

The Cannabis Act permits adults to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household (not each). The Act also provides security and safety measures for growing cannabis plants that are recommended, not required.

To grow cannabis for sale, you must be licensed by Health Canada. In some cases, a license from the Canada Revenue Agency may also be required. Legal cannabis “products must carry an excise stamp, except those products with less than 0.3% THC or no THC.”

Is it legal to buy Cannabis seeds in Canada? Are there specific laws around seeds?

Yes, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Canada, because with the passage of 2018’s Cannabis Act , Canada became the first G7 and G20 nation to legalize cannabis. The Act specifically allows each household to cultivate up to four cannabis plants from “ licensed seed or seedlings.”

So, what does it mean to be “ licensed seed or seedlings”?

It means they come from a provincially or territorially regulated retailer, and you can tell because the package has a stamp on it.

Realistically, can anyone tell where a seed came from once a plant is growing? Maybe not, but they can demand proof of where you got the seeds, so it’s worth noting.

Remember, Manitoba and Quebec are not included in this part of the act and you cannot grow cannabis there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are High CBD Marijuana Seeds?

A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoids, natural plant compounds, that occurs in cannabis. Many growers choose cannabis strains that offer high-THC content, but today high CBD strains are more and more popular too due to the medical benefits users believe they have.

Q: Is There a Difference Between Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis?

A: Technically there is no real difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis when it comes to marijuana seeds, although some seeds may be bred, intended, or marketed that way. Those kinds of distinctions have to do with THC and CBD levels, user intent, and the law, which varies from place to place.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor-Grown Cannabis?

A: You can choose strains of cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation depending on your available space.

Outdoor strands thrive best in a natural habitat, and typically are very robust, and grow large. Ideal outdoor cannabis strains to grow from seed should be more resistant to environmental changes and extreme weather issues. Some of our favorite outdoor strains include Northern Lights, Critical Kush, and Blueberry.

If you have less space for growing or you have more ability to manage temperature, humidity levels, and lighting times, indoor marijuana seeds may be your best option. Certain strains are fragile and require more weather control. Overall, these strains do much better inside with lots of TLC. Among indoor strains we love White Widow, Big Bud, and Amnesia.

Can inside strains move outside, and vice versa? No. Outdoor cannabis strains can usually survive inside after making the switch, but it doesn’t work both ways. Cannabis strains that require indoor conditions typically needs to stay inside. And really, so long as your growing area is safe from major fluctuations in environmental conditions and under your control, you should be able to grow any type of cannabis seed.

Q: How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost?

A: Typically, cannabis seeds come in packs of 3, 5, 10, or 12 seeds, or sometimes in multiple packs of 5 or 10 seeds. Expect to start at around $4 a seed, although there is a lot of range here.

It can cost hundreds of dollars for a package of seeds with specialty or high-end genetics. Auto-flowering seeds and feminized seed also typically cost more, because they produce more reliably and quickly, and because it demands more work to produce them.

Q: What seed bank has the best genetics?

A: Seed banks offer cannabis with different genetics, so there is no definitive answer to this question. However, our top recommended seed bank that ships to Canada is Crop Kings Seeds .

Q: Are seed banks legit?

A: Seed banks are definitely legit—you just need to know which ones to use and be aware of scams. All of the online seed banks we recommend in this article are legit.

Q: Are there any seed banks in the United States?

A: Yes. And many seed banks outside the US ship here.

Q: Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds?

A: Probably—but that depends on where you are. Check your local laws before ordering.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Whether you need to improve the genetics of what you are already growing or you are hoping to grow from the very best fine cannabis seeds, buying quality cannabis seeds is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Growing your own amazing crop exactly how you want it to be is an amazing accomplishment that pays you back big time.

Many online cannabis seed banks can be disappointing or even fraudulent, so it is essential to start in the right place. The ones on this list are all high-quality, legit seed banks that ship to Canada.

It isn’t easy to weed through bad businesses and outright scams to identify great service and quality products. Guide your search in the right direction with this list of the best Canadian seed banks. All of the Canadian seed banks we recommended offer high quality products, and the best Canadian seed bank is Crop King Seeds .