Bay Area Cannabis Seeds

Bay Area Cannabis Seeds Potent high THC topical specifically formulated to relieve menstrual pain. First place Emerald Cup winner pain topical with whole plant cannabis and complementary BAY AREA CANNABIS SEEDS •All items contain less than 0.00% THC. All seeds are considered NOVELTY seeds by law and strictly for souvenir, edible purposes, novelty and/or preservation/collecting The Best Strains at the Bay Area Cannabis Cup The San Francisco edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup took place this past weekend, and after judging full sun flowers and pre-rolls the week

Bay Area Cannabis Seeds

Potent high THC topical specifically formulated to relieve menstrual pain.

First place Emerald Cup winner pain topical with whole plant cannabis and complementary herbs.

High CBD vaginal moisturizing cream that nourishes, replenishes and protects intimate skin.

Botanical healing topical formulated to address inflammatory skin conditions, burns, tattoos.

Edibles infused with indica or sativa flower rosin.

Indica-hybrid for chilling out. A cross between Black Domina x 92 OG Kush.

A blend of Artet, real mango juice, ginger beer, lime, and tropical spices.

Edibles made with mulberries, passionflower, and vanilla.

Refreshing lemon drink mix with no added sugar.

Lemony hybrid for an uplifted and giggly high.

Our first collab with House of Puff is a sleek joint holder in Sava’s colors.

CBD-dominant strain made from G13 Haze and Lavender x Harle-Tsu.

Indica made from DJ Short Blueberry (aka True Blueberry) and OG Kush.

Sativa hybrid made from Cachuma Clouds x Sour Crack

Calming indica flower to help you mentally unwind.

Sativa pre-roll pack that’s uplifting and energizing.

Hybrid flower known for its sweet aroma and playful high.

Sativa flower known for its citrus aromas and simulating high.

Non-psychoactive blend of CBDa, THCa, CBD, and THC.

Non-psychoactive blend of CBDa, THCa, CBD, and THC.

Sativa hybrid made from Slymer x Lilikoi Blossoms.

Vegan leather cannabis carrier and gift set with accessories.

Hybrid strain made from Sweet Kush x Orange Syrup.

Sativa made from Hubbabubbasmeloscope x Orange Diesel.

Indica-hybrid strain made from Afghan Kush AUTO x Backwoods Chem Family.

Indica-hybrid strain made from Kush Mints Auto x Saltwater OG.

Cannabis bath salts for pain and relaxation.

High dose chocolate bars with 100mg of THC, made with sustainably-sourced cacao and all-natural ingredients.

An indica of Blueberry Cookies x Lime Mojito.

Cocktail with sweet basil and a hint of pink peppercorn

Small-batch, rosin-infused chocolate

Small-batch, rosin-infused chocolate

Sativa-hybrid cross between Chili Verde x F1 Durb x Gushers

Sativa-hybrid that’s energizing and soothing. A cross between Durban Poison and Biscotti Dough.

Indica hybrid for relief from pain and stress

Potent sativa with heavy full-body effects and a fast-paced head buzz

Popular indica pre-roll, infused with hash for a potent experience

Indica for a long-lasting and full-body high. Descended from Humboldt Heirloom IBL.

Sativa made from Haze, Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5.

Sativa-hybrid made from Vietnam Land Race, Skunk #1, Thai and NL5.

Organic tea for creativity and energy

Uplifting limited-edition pre-rolls made with popular high THCv flower from Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Relaxing and potent indica pre-roll pack, infused with hash

Sativa that’s uplifting and energizing

Indica-dominant strain (Afghani x Blackberry) with a sweet berry aroma

Sativa made with Alien Orange Cookies x Citrus Sap Pheno.

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Hybrid made from Blue Dream x Green Crack

CBD-rich strain for a functional high

  1. Vegan 55 items
  2. Low-glycemic 11 items
  3. Gluten-free 87 items
  1. Accessories 9 items
  2. Capsules 14 items
  3. Concentrates 4 items
  4. Edibles 115 items
  5. Drinks 20 items
  6. Flower 20 items
  7. Pax Pods 14 items
  8. Pre-Rolls 24 items
  9. Seeds 4 items
  10. Sublinguals 18 items
  11. Tincture 35 items
  12. Topical 26 items
  13. Vaping 35 items
  14. Vaping Batteries 5 items
  1. Arcanna 5 items
  2. Artet 6 items
  3. Aster Farms 1 item
  4. Biko 1 item
  5. Bloom Farms 3 items
  6. Cali Heights 2 items
  7. Cann 3 items
  8. Care By Design 14 items
  9. Chemistry 2 items
  10. Cosmic View 4 items
  11. Dosist 8 items
  12. Drew Martin 2 items
  13. Elefante 1 item
  14. Farm Cut 1 item
  15. Garden Society 9 items
  16. Green Bee Botanicals 1 item
  17. Hervé 1 item
  18. Hi-Fi Sessions 3 items
  19. House of Puff 2 items
  20. Humboldt Apothecary 10 items
  21. Kikoko 9 items
  22. Kin Slips 8 items
  23. Kiva 24 items
  24. Legion of Bloom 7 items
  25. Level 11 items
  26. Mary’s Medicinals 9 items
  27. Miss Grass 4 items
  28. Ojo De La Sol 1 item
  29. OM (Prev. Om Edibles) 3 items
  30. Pamos 2 items
  31. Papa & Barkley 19 items
  32. Pax 10 items
  33. Plus 14 items
  34. Potli 1 item
  35. Pure Beauty 8 items
  36. Purple City Genetics 4 items
  37. Queen Mary 2 items
  38. Quim 2 items
  39. Raw Garden 10 items
  40. ReCreate 2 items
  41. Rogue Paq 1 item
  42. Rose 3 items
  43. Rosette 6 items
  44. Sonder 2 items
  45. Sonoma Hills Farm 10 items
  46. Stone Road 2 items
  47. Sundae School 4 items
  48. Sweet Releaf 3 items
  49. The Farmaceuticals Co 3 items
  50. Valhalla 4 items
  51. VetCBD 2 items
  52. Weekenders 3 items
  53. Wunder 2 items
  54. Wyld 9 items
  1. On Sales 25 items
  2. In Stock 283 items
  1. Anxiety 70 items
  2. Aphrodisiac 13 items
  3. Appetite Stimulation 13 items
  4. Arthritis 32 items
  5. Athletic Recovery 37 items
  6. Cold & Flu Relief 15 items
  7. Creativity 69 items
  8. Energy 80 items
  9. Focus 33 items
  10. Hangover 15 items
  11. Headache 41 items
  12. Inflammation 60 items
  13. Mood 126 items
  14. Muscle pain 51 items
  15. Nerve pain 39 items
  16. Pain 84 items
  17. PMS 43 items
  18. Skin Care 16 items
  19. Sleep 48 items
  20. Socializing 75 items
  21. Stress 117 items
  22. Relaxation 38 items
  1. Women Owned 139 items
  2. BIPOC Owned 55 items
  3. LGBTQIA+ Owned 30 items
  4. Sun + Earth Certified 10 items
  5. Clean Green Certified 22 items
  6. Single Origin 25 items
  7. Small Craft Brand 31 items
  8. Whole Flower 66 items
  9. Biodynamic Farming 15 items
  1. THC 254 items
  2. CBD 119 items
  3. CBN 27 items
  4. CBG 10 items
  5. CBC 2 items
  6. CBDa 17 items
  7. THCa 19 items
  8. THCv 7 items
  1. Caryophyllene 30 items
  2. Humulene 13 items
  3. Linalool 15 items
  4. Lymonene 27 items
  5. Myrcene 30 items
  6. Ocimene 4 items
  7. Pinene 19 items
  8. Terpinolene 9 items
  1. Central Coast 3 items
  2. Humboldt County 30 items
  3. Mendocino 15 items
  4. Sonoma County 10 items


Sweet and tart citrus notes with 5mg CBD and 5mg THC–excellent for new edibles consumers.

Relaxing and potent indica pre-roll pack, infused with hash

Calming indica flower to help you mentally unwind.

Provides extra strength relief to help with your toughest aches and pains.

Chocolate-covered espresso beans with 5mg THC

Excite your senses with these energizing sativa gummies with 5mg THC.

Sweet and salty chocolate bites with 5mg THC

1:3 THC-rich gel caps to help with minor aches, acute discomfort, and relaxation.

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The Best Strains at the Bay Area Cannabis Cup

The San Francisco edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup took place this past weekend, and after judging full sun flowers and pre-rolls the week before, Cannabis Now Senior Staff Writer Jimi Devine checked out every jar worth smelling. Here is a full rundown of the best genetics grown to their full potential in SF this past weekend.

The birthplace of medical marijuana doesn’t slouch when it comes to having the best pot possible on any given day. Because it is the closest urban center to the ancestral homeland of the best marijuana in America (the Emerald Triangle), some of the best cultivators in the world ply their trade on the shores of the San Francisco Bay Area. When the time comes for the locals to show their top phenotypes of the moment grown to the best of their ability, it’s pretty exciting stuff.

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As always, I hit every booth and checked out their spreads at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco’s legendary Cow Palace. All of the cultivators and booths in this collection had zero trash on their table. If I approached a booth and got the slightest hint of poor effort in post-production, I moved on to the next. Perhaps I missed something nice, but the people who grow the best pot in the world couldn’t even fathom putting that grassy-smelling John Deere Lawn Mower Clippings Kush on their table. However, overall, I was impressed with the showing. Here is our rundown on the most flame strains at the 2019 Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.

Diamond Back Genetics — Granpa’s This Is The Sh*t

When I went through my first pass of judging the sungrown entries just going on looks, I was struck at how absolutely stunning this strain looked. (Of course, at the time I didn’t know what strain it was, it was simply labelled Full Sungrown Entry 8.) Amongst some offerings that looked a little dated from last season, this strain had a fantastic visual. The nose took a little coercing to get out, so it wasn’t a pure jar jumper. But once I cracked into a nug, my nostrils were attacked with a sensory overload giving me flashbacks to the best OG Kush experiences of my life. I called it the winner even as it was the first jar I opened, and I was correct.

Str8organics — Mendo Breath

The crew at Str8organics have a wide array of flamage, and while many of their strains may be a bit more exclusive or exotic than the Mendo Breath, I regularly find myself going back to it. As I told the strain’s breeders at Gage Green Group when I interviewed them last year, my absolute favorite rendition of their now uber-popular strain is certainly the light deprivation-grown version coming from Str8organics. It’s basically as good as 92% of the indoor Mendo Breath you’re going to see, without all the emotional baggage of a carbon footprint.

C.R.A.F.T. — Cherry Punch

As you know, I love Cherry Punch. After we named it on our Harvest Hype strain list last harvest season, it went on to a podium spot at The Emerald Cup a fe w months later. While C.R.A.F.T. made it to the podium four times this weekend at the Bay Area Cannabis Cup, including taking home the Indica Cup, shockingly, none of the accolades were for their Cherry Punch. Make no mistake about it, until proven otherwise, C.R.A.F.T. has the best cut of Cherry Punch on the planet. They previously put out a small batch last fall, and it’s now in full production. People spent a pretty penny on Cherry Punch seeds when they bought the from Symbiotic Genetics at California’s first legal adult-use Cannabis Cup, which led to some less-than-perfect phenos getting out there, because people simply couldn’t afford to lose the whole pack. The C.R.A.F.T. phenotype is like Brad Pitt’s character in “World War Z” compared to all those other cuts: It will never be infected with the sickness of simply being described as “above average.”